Final Fantasy XIV - All Saints Wake Event Coming Soon

Game: Final Fantasy XIV
Time: 2018-10-12 09:08:26
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FFXIV All Saints Wake will come soon, this indicates the season for frights and delights is again. But even as townsfolk and adventurers alike arrange cheerful jack-o'-lanterns and miniature ghosts by their doors, inside the shadows lurk the Continental Circus and its sinister secrets.


Each year, FFXIV All Saints Wake rewards adjust, with older ones typically popping up in the Mog Station retailer about exactly the same time. This year's FFXIV All Saints Wake rewards are brand-new, also, but veterans with the game may see a pair of familiar faces landing in their inventory just after the festivities are accomplished and dusted.



FFXIV All Saints Wake Rewards


We will not know precisely how to get the pair of FFXIV All Saints Wake Rewards till the event rolls around a subsequent week, but we've been offered a sneak peek at what they are and less of what they'll do. You'll like to head to the Old Gridania mailbox to kick issues off. And if you need to buy Ffxiv gil in the game, our website as a professional website can guarantee enough stock and fast delivery for you.


The FFXIV All Saints Wake rewards are a duo of new minions primarily based upon the spooky ghost costumes created offered for the duration of among the very first All Saints Wake events of A Realm Reborn numerous years ago. The costumes have considering that appeared around the Mog Station store for newcomers to choose up, but these two new in-game minions are the initially time we've seen an accurate second-coming of those iconic appears without needing to shed our wallets of a few bucks.


But earning these two new FFXIV All Saints Wake rewards is not the end with the occasion. The official occasion web page lists a few edible goodies that we suspect you will be able to get for the event-specific tokens you will obtain for running the instance we're expecting to show up this time about.


Here is a handy list from the FFXIV All Saints Wake rewards it is possible to look forward to down below:


Tiny Yin (minion)

Small Yang (minion)

Pumpkin Pastry Platter (tabletop)

Pumpkin Party Pennants (wall-mounted)

Familiar Pawprints (wall-mounted)


Just because you will have completed the level 15 quest “It's Probably Pirates” prior to jumping into this occasion, does not imply we're headed to Sastasha. Precisely the same prerequisite remained a final year, and that took us into Haukke Manor for what was basically a funhouse carved into an identified haunted residence. Judging by the event web page description, we'll be taking a trip back there this year.


The event runs from October 18 to November 1 and can give up certain previous event things throughout its run.