Final Fantasy XIV Gathering Guide for Beginners

Game: Final Fantasy XIV
Time: 2021-10-21 11:11:37
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Final Fantasy XIV Gathering Guide for Beginners

Gathering in Final Fantasy XIV is a term that includes three character classes, also known as Disciples of Land. Here we'll go over the basics of gathering classes and how you can best get into gathering to help you level up and get started with the skill.

The Basics of Gathering

There are currently three gathering classes in the game: fisher, botanist, and miner.

Botanists tend to trees and plants, miners break rocks and gather ore, and fishers reap the sea's bounty. You can gather items all over the world, but you'll typically want to stick to areas that are around your level.

Why Become a Gatherer?

There are several advantages of becoming a Gatherer, such as:

    • It's a much easier job to break into compared to crafting.
    • Gathering pairs well with crafting skills.
    • You can stock up on rare items without having to worry about Market Board prices.
    • You can earn a decent chunk of profits simply by gathering and selling stuff and not crafting a thing in your lifetime.
    • It's a profitable way to kill time while you're waiting for DPS queues.

Why Level a Gathering Class?

The gathering is a much easier realm to break into than crafting, and for that reason alone, it can be an enticing entry point to the Disciple of Hand or Land classes. Or, maybe you want something to do while you're waiting for DPS queues. Either way, there are many benefits to having even just one gathering class leveled up.

Gathering classes pair extremely well with crafting classes, as they will let you gather up your materials without having to worry about Market Board stock or spending any Final Fantasy 14 Gil. Additionally, you can bring in a sizable amount of profits just from gathering hot items and selling them.

Priorities As a Gatherer

Once you decide to become a gatherer, focus on the following stats to increase your skill level:

    • Gathering- The ability increases your chances of receiving items as you're out gathering stuff.
    • GP- A resource meter that represents gathering actions.
    • Perception- Raises your odds of receiving better quality items during gathering sessions.

The Process of Gathering

The process of gathering is very simple. There are three "steps" you have to take during each gathering attempt.

    • Raise chance to gather
    • Raise High-Quality chance
    • Click on the item to gather it

You can raise your chance to gather an item through actions like Sharp Vision and Field Mastery. You can raise your chance to make the item High Quality through actions like Unearth and Leaf Turn. There are tons of other abilities you will get at higher levels that will do different things, but the basic formula remains of increasing your gathering and High-Quality chances before gathering the item.

How To Level Efficiently As a Gatherer?

As you'll soon find out, there are several ways to level up, and each of them is recommended at different parts of your leveling journey.

1. Levequests

Recommended usage:

• Levels 1-50

Levequests are a repeatable quest you can undertake in various zones in the game. Each quest will involve going to a specified location, gathering a set number of items, then turning in the quest.

Levequests are time-gated, which means you can do only a selected number of them each day. For now, the number is limited to 6. Although this puts a constraint on your leveling skills, there are other more efficient ways to level once you reach level 50.

2. Beast Tribe Daily Quests

Recommended usage:

• Namazu Levels 60-70

• Qitari Levels 70-80

Beast Tribe Quests are daily quests you can undertake from a given Beast Tribe. These aren't available until higher levels, so you'll have to level to 60 differently. Additionally, you'll have to unlock the Beast Tribe before you can start doing their daily quests. However, once you can do Beast Tribe Quests, they provide a quick source of experience you can repeat every day.

3. The Diadem

Recommended usage:

• Level 10-60

The Diadem is essentially an ecosystem designed entirely for gathering. Here, you can gather materials for the Ishgardian Restoration and use those materials to craft items. However, note that you'll have to be at least level 60 to unlock it for the first time. Once unlocked, you can access it with a level 10 gatherer. This is a great place to level up while gathering essential materials for Ishgardian Restoration crafting, but it can get repetitive if you spend a lot of time here.

4. Collectibles

Recommended usage:

• Level-50

The collectible gathering is unlocked at level 50. Collectibles are special items that you can gather and deliver for experience and Gatherers' Scrips. The items available for submission change each day, but there are always items around your current level available to deliver. They require a special method of gathering and use special actions such as Brazen Prospector and Scour.

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