Final Fantasy XIV Gil professional guide

Game: Final Fantasy XIV
Time: 2014-03-27 13:26:43
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Frustrated by the never-ending grind for Gil in Final Fantasy XIV? Are you using outdated farming methods that yield little to no returns? Is your equipment a few levels behind since you don’t have enough Gil for the necessary upgrades? Don't let the lack of Gil ruin your gaming experience. We will share you some ffxiv gil-making strategy ,which will make full enjoy ffxiv with no hassle.


Crafting Tips and Tricks:There is more to making Gil than traditional mob farming and loot grinding. Crafting is a fantastic and lucrative source of Gil – but only if you know how. Luckily, this Final Fantasy XIV Gil guide contains a comprehensive list of hand-picked items that yield astonishing returns. Switch from the standard products everyone else creates to these niche items and sell them for mouthwatering profits. Not an expert crafter yet? We show you how to reach the level cap with a minimum of funds and faster than you throught possible.

Gather a fortune:Want to double or triple the productivity of your mining runs? Looking to build an empire as a botanist? Want to know how much fishing can really yield? Then read through our FFXIV Gil guide to unearth the most time-efficient mining routes and strategies. This guide teaches you gathering methods that take less time, produce more Gil, or often both. Get to know the best locations, what materials can be found there, and what those are worth on the market. All this ensures that you squeeze out the most Gil from each hour spent on gathering. Start making loads of Gil now, and don’t be surprised if you earn the same in two hours as you used to in a whole day!