Final Fantasy XIV Guide: Here Are 5 Best Minions That You Really Need

Game: Final Fantasy XIV
Time: 2020-05-16 01:37:36
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Final Fantasy XIV 5 Best Minions

Since we have already discussed 5 worst minions in the game of Final Fantasy XIV, now here come 5 best minions that need to be on the table. Because you have already skipped the most unpopular ones, it's time for you to pick up some of the most popular ones in this game. These 5 amazing minions are Abroader Otter, Wolf Pup, Koala Joey, The Major-General, and The Great Serpent Of Ronka. Below is some basic information about these minions, if you are searching for the best minions, then this post will help you a lot. 

The Very First Best Is: Abroader Otter

Just when FFXIV players thought the Odder Otter minion could not get any cuter, the developer Square Enix launched the Abroader Otter Minion. As you can see that this little guy looks like he is about to go fishing while on vacation, complete with sunglasses, and the best thing is that he does whip out his rod and then begin fishing occasionally.

According to what we get that this adorable sea pup is a possible reward from company submersible exploratory voyages, or if players want to track fast to getting a fisherman otter of their own, they can easily buy one from the market board as long as they have enough FFXIV Gil.

The Second Best Is: Wolf  Pup

As a matter of fact, this minion has been in this game for some time, however, it still makes this list as not only is it adorably cute, but also it is one of the few minions that can change its behavior when involved in combat. This little dog will "ATTACK" a player's opponent; not that he will do any damage but he gets points for trying. Moreover, he also reacts to some emotes, such as this pet that makes him roll over to players so the players can scratch his belly.

Apart from that, this item description for this minion says "Idolize one Gaius van Baelsar for some obvious reasons," making him even more adorable when you consider his little bandana reminiscent of the one Gaius wears. Of course, players can acquire a courageous hound of their own by finishing the level 15 quest Man's Best Friend in Aleport.

The Third Best Is: Koala Joey

Koala Joey is one of the few minions that will climb onto players, well, I have to say, that's just like a real Koala does, making for an adorable, cuddly tag-along while they go about your adventuring business and then ensuring itself a place amongst the best minions out there. The description in the Final Fantasy XIV guide says that "a retainer reports that a vicious bear dropped on his head from above," that, to some extent, is paying tribute to the well-known Australian hoax of "DROP BEARS."

This minion is a possible reward when gamers send their retainers on either Quick Exploration or Woodland Exploration XXII, but, if you have Final Fantasy XIV Gil, that means you also can simply be purchased from the market board.

The Fourth BEST Is: The Major-General

The good news is, the Major-General minion was recently added as part of patch 5.2 and that stole fans' hearts almost immediately. This cute derpy little shark with legs is reminiscent of the Left Shark meme that circulated on the Internet back in the year of 2015. With a little luck, the community will have some other great minions which added in patch 5.3, however, sadly, that patch has been delayed due to the outbreak of Coronavirus.

This minion reward can be obtained for just earning the achievement No More Fish In The Sea, which asks players to score a minimum of 5,000 points during a single ocean fishing voyage. Once that achievement has successfully unlocked, that means players can head to Jonathas in Old Gridania to get their very new minion.

The Fifth BEST Is: The Great Serpent Of Ronka

Undoubtedly, the Great Serpent of Ronka had to earn the top spot as the best minion in this game. Two quite similar minions were added as part of Patch 5.2, The Behelmeted Serpent of Ronka, and The Behatted Serpent of Ronka, but nothing beats the original, and that's what we all agreed.

With his quite odd expression and his small size, this little guy might not seem like much, however, he is, as a matter of fact, the legendary Great Serpent of Ronka that won fans over in the latest expansion, Shadowbringers. One more word, this minion is a reward from the level 70 quest Protectors of the Wood in The Rak'tika Greatwood.