Final Fantasy XIV Guide: Method To Own A Fat Cat Minion

Game: Final Fantasy XIV
Time: 2020-02-11 18:44:15
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Method To Get A Fat Cat Minion

  According to the latest information we have mastered right now, the main storyline of Final Fantasy XIV now has come to a bit of a standstill, but that does not mean that there is not anything else to do in the game at the moment. And just apart from leveling up your alternate crafters, gatherers, and jobs, there are still have tons of other optional items to grind for, for example, Final Fantasy XIV's minions and FFXIV's mounts. And speaking of that, now, here is how to get the Fat Cat minion in FFXIV.

  Final Fantasy XIV: Method To Get The Fat Cat Minion In FFXIV:

  As a matter of fact, minions in Final Fantasy 14 really do not do too much at all. You know, they are pretty much just there for show, and they will just follow you around when you explore Eorzea. Although they look quite cute, and that is really all that matters in this amazing game.

  Right now, one of the most sought after minions in this game is the Fat Cat, and you can have it quite easily if you have enough Final Fantasy XIV Gil to spare. This minion can be sold or just traded with some other players, and you can always check the market board on your server to check whether anyone has put it up for sale or not. However, you can expect those prices to be pretty high, so you probably want to try to get it yourself instead.

  In order to get this, you will need to have a retainer that is at least level 50, because the only way to get this minion is through Fisher retainer ventures. As long as you have got a retainer that's a level 50 Fisher, then you will be able to start trying to get this cute minion.

  What's more, you can always purchase more venture tokens from your GC officer if you run out of them, and usually, they are quite cheap; but the process is just time-consuming.

  The following are all the ventures that have an opportunity of rewarding you with the Fat Cat minion:

  Waterside Exploration XIV (Level Required: Lvl. 50)
  Waterside Exploration XV (Level Required: Lvl. 50)
  Waterside Exploration XVI (Level Required: Lvl. 50)
  Waterside Exploration XVII (Level Required: Lvl. 51)
  Waterside Exploration XVIII (Level Required: Lvl. 55)
  Waterside Exploration XIX (Level Required: Lvl. 60)
  Waterside Exploration XXIV (Level Required: Lvl. 75)
  Waterside Exploration XXV (Level Required: Lvl. 80)

  Here is one more thing that you need to keep in mind, which is each venture will take at least 18 hours, therefore, you pretty much only have one opportunity one day to try to acquire the minion, though you can increase your opportunities if you have multiple retainers at the right level.

  Last but not least, here is all you need to know about the method to acquire the Fat Cat minion in Final Fantasy XIV. And for more tips like how to farm FFXIV Gil as many as possible, and the best place to buy safe and legit FFXIV Gil, you can bookmark this website: What do you think about this post? Leave your comment below.