Final Fantasy XIV Guide: Want To Get A Little Bit Of Magic | Method Of Being A Blue Mage

Game: Final Fantasy XIV
Time: 2020-04-09 15:53:25
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Become A Blue Mage In FF14

  A lot of FF14 gamers know that one of the advantages of the Final Fantasy lore over other MMOs (Massively Multiplayer Online (Games)) is that the franchise's expansive roster of jobs offers the game a quite wide selection. And most recently, the one that got to arrive in Eorzea is the fan-favorite Blue Mage. Therefore, if you want to be this special kind of spellcaster, do not worry, it does not take too much FFXIV Gil to be a real mage.

  The very first one is: The Blue Boundary

  But, the thing is, before you put on the Magus' Mask, here are some things that you should know about this Disciple of Magic. The very first one is that the class has been traditionally known to copy magic that is exclusive to monsters and be able to use it permanently. However, In the game of Final Fantasy XIV, that will not be the case. Nevertheless, the class will still feature magic from monsters such as Bad Breath from Marlboro, 1000 Needles from Cactuar, and even Dragon's and Ram's Breath from Final Fantasy XIV's Chimera.

  Another one is that the Blue Mage, in fact, is the very first job to fall under the “limited jobs”. And that means it can only reach until level 50 - that's 20 levels below the level 70 cap. If we are going to spell the apparent, then the Blue Mage will not have access to endgame content. This now has already caused many Blue Mage and some experienced Final Fantasy fans to be miffed, going as far as calling it as "NOT AN REAL JOB". Understandably so, as it's such a shame that a semi-classic Final Fantasy Class, unlike its red counterpart, will not be meta.

  The second one is: Azure-d Participation

  Although being a literal dead-end job, you should know being a Blue Mage is still unique and quite enjoyable. After all, there are things more in video games (of course, MMOs included) than just competitive play, and that is fun. Therefore, if you want to be one of the monster-magic casting mages we have already come to know and love, well, here is the method.

  In order to unlock the Blue Mage as a job, first of all, you need to unlock the aptly named quest Out Of The Blue. Its only prerequisite is the level 50 Main Scenario quest The Ultimate Weapon, so as long as you finish the A Realm Reborn storyline, that means you are pretty much covered.

  You will be able to find the issuing NPC (Non-Player Character), the Zealous Yellowjacket, in LimsaLominsa's much Lower Decks (the coordinates are: 11,10). And she will tell you that now she is investigating this particular merchant, named Martyn, who claims to be a Blue Mage. And according to what he says that he has been selling magical stones that claim to grant magical powers, but a lot of his previous customers have been complaining that he is, in fact, a fraud (and that made a lot of players spend massive Final Fantasy 14 Gil to buy his goods), and finally, turned out, his wares have bestowed them nothing.

  Just simply follow where the quest will lead you, to be honest, it's not that difficult at all, and by the end of it, you will be a full-fledged Blue Mage.

  The third one is: The Good, The Joke, And The Useful

  What's entertaining about the Blue Mage is that some of its abilities attract more to novelty rather than just practicality.

  And here are some examples you can check:

    *First one: Self-Destruct: The Blue Mage deals fire damage with 900 to nearby enemies but it will also incapacitate himself in that process.
    *Second one: Flying Sardine: Just as the name implies, a sardine comes leaping in the air, and doing 10-potency unexpected damage.
    *Third one: Snort: Knocks enemies in a cone back by 20 yalms in Final Fantasy XIV.
    *Fourth one: Tail Screw: Target's HP is cut down to 1. It has low opportunity of working and has no negative effect on enemies with those higher levels.

  On the other hand, the Blue Mage also has some quite amazing abilities, in the meantime, for example:

    *First one: White Wind: Heal party members of an amount equivalent to your current HP.

    *Second one: Bristle: In Final Fantasy 14, the next spell's potency is increased by 50%.

    *Third one: Shock Strike: Deals 310-potency lightning damage to specific targets. Then the spell deals 30%, 60% and 70% less damage to its very next respective targets.

  Regardless of what you feel about the Blue Mage's status in the meta, it's definitely a faithful homage to one of the series' staple classes. So, now the question is, are you going to try your hand at Blue Mage? Well, at least, we highly recommend that you should do this.