Final Fantasy XIV Has More Than 14 Million Players

Game: Final Fantasy XIV
Time: 2018-09-05 00:43:11
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Not long ago, Square Enix has announced that extra than 14 million people have now played Final Fantasy 14. These are large numbers, especially considering how poor the original release from the game was. The vast improvement in popularity has been because the revamped FINAL FANTASY 14 A REALM REBORN was launched. What's much more impressive is that around four million of the 14 million total players signed on within the last year.



For the unaware, Final Fantasy 14 initially released back in 2010. The original launch was a mess. The game was clearly unfinished and in dire need to have of a hell of quite a bit of polish. Square Enix acknowledged that the original launch was poor, so spent some time applying extra than a new lick of paint to the game. 


Due to the fact then, Final Fantasy 14 has only got improved. New expansion packs and a huge number of in-game events have taken location. It is a living-breathing Final Fantasy on-line globe and persons cannot get adequate. There was even a Monster Hunter Globe crossover promotion occasion.




To celebrate the milestone of surpassing 14 million players worldwide, Square Enix broadcasted a special Final Fantasy 14 live stream, it weighs in at 14 hours long. The official statement with regards to this achievement from Square Enix's press release (as per Videogamer's report) is hence:


"Although the original FINAL FANTASY XIV failed to meet expectations, via the help of persons within the media, the corporations we have worked with, and obviously our committed players, we had been able to launch A Realm Reborn in 2013. FFXIV was certainly reborn, and more than the course of these previous 5 years, it has grown to become the title that we all know and really likes today. I can't thank you sufficient. We in the improvement and operations teams have been operating at full capacity ever because the launch of A Realm Reborn, and although we've got made our share of missteps along the way, the Warriors of Light continue to spur us onward."


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