Final Fantasy XIV Heavensward FAQ

Game: Final Fantasy XIV
Time: 2015-06-08 03:32:21
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F:Is the expansion required to keep playing FFXIV?
A:No. You can keep playing ARR content, you just won't be able to access Heavensward content.

F:Do I need to complete the current story to play the expansion?
A:Yes, finishing the story in 2.55 is required.

F:How long will it take to complete the ARR storyline?
A:However long it takes you personally to get from 1-50 for 2.0, and then 1-3 hours each for each interval after. There are about 5 chunks of story (2.5 is short) to complete. You can easily complete the post-50 story in a couple days if you work hard on it, or a couple weeks at a more casual pace. However, once the expansion comes out, Yoshi-P has stated that new characters will get double experience from levels 1-50, as well as priority in dungeon queues. This means less time having to grind out that last bit/chunk/quarter-of-the-bar of experience in order to grab the next Main Story quest, as well as getting into Main Story dungeons much faster.

F:Do you need to unlock Heavensward/Ishgard to obtain the new jobs?
A:Yes; you must complete the entire storyline (up to 2.55) to enter Ishgard, and the jobs are picked up in Ishgard.

F:Can you start a new character as a new job (Machinist, Dark Knight, Astrologian)?

F:What level do the new jobs start at, and do they have base classes?
A:Level 30. No base classes, but they do have cross-class skills, so you should level their corresponding cross-class classes for them. || DRK: GLA/MRD || AST: CNJ/THM || MCH: ARC/LNC

F:Is there a code for Early Access?

F:Can you use flying mounts in old (ARR) areas?

F:Is there a level cap increase?
A:Yes, to 60.

F:When is early access?
A:June 19th, 2015

F:Do I need to clear Coil for Heavensward content?

F:Will housing be available in Ishgard?
A:No, not at the start. Perhaps much later based on lore.

F:Do I need a high item level to get to level 60?
A:No. Item level 90 is required to complete 2.55, but all gear (even i130) will be replaced before 60.

F:Is it a good time to start playing?
A:Yes. Always.

F:Can I catch up with everyone?

F:When will 3.0 endgame be available?
A:The Normal Alexander raid will be available two weeks after Heavensward launch and the Hard Alexander raid will be available four weeks after launch.

F:Are all jobs getting new abilities?

F:Will we be able to have more than 5 cross class abilities at level 60?
A:No, you will still only have 5 cross class ability slots.

F:Will the Fat Chocobo fly?
A:Yes, after completing a quest.

F:If I buy Heavensward for PC, does it unlock it on my other platforms, too?
A:No. A PC key is for PC only, a PS4 key for PS4 only, etc.

F:Does Heavensward come with 30 days of game time like ARR?

F:Can I use a non-Steam Heavensward key with my Steam ARR?
A:No, you must buy Heavensward on Steam. Non-Steam Heavensward is 100% incompatible with Steam ARR.

F:Where do I put the other game key I got from Steam?
A:We cannot use the actual expansion's keys yet - only the pre-order/early access one can be redeemed at this time. Hang onto it, as you'll need it for release day.

F:Is the Heavensward pre-order available on the Playstation Store yet?
A:Yes for NA. No for EU.

F:What's the best way to gear up for Heavensward?
A:First: there are a number of different ways to gear up. If you are just hitting Level 50 and end-game now, you should start farming dungeons for tomes and Crystal Tower for gear as soon as possible. If you have the gil to buy it and/or friends that can help make it, crafted gear in the i70-i90 range can help bridge the gap faster. Your goal is to have a minimum average item level of 90 in order to queue into and complete the final trial of the main scenario which will be required to access the new main scenario quests, Ishgard, and the new jobs. Your weapon is generally the most important piece of gear: picking up your i80 relic (and possibly upgrading it to its i90 Zenith form) can be done in a few hours and is good for hitting the i90 target (though starting the grind to fully upgrade it this late isn't recommended). Focusing on 1300 Soldiery and the Unidentified Allagan Tomestone from Syrcus tower, or 1300 Poetics and the Encrypted Tomestone from the Gift of Archmagus weekly is a good goal for the time we have left.

F:Are Crafters getting updated in Heavensward?
A:Yes! All 8 crafters are having their level cap raised to 60 and getting new abilities and recipes. At level 55, you will be able to choose up to three jobs to specialize in but you can still raise all crafts to level 60. Its unclear right now what the specialization means specifically, but its presumed to give you access to certain abilities and/or recipes to aid in the new crafting end-game. Crafters wil also have a new Allagan Tomestone-like system to help them gear up at 60. Required stats and the usefulness of the Lucis tool in new content is currently unknown. End-game crafted gear equivalent to Darksteel/Vanya/Gryphonskin in 2.0 will be released as new recipes in patch 3.05. Date of that patch is unknown.

F:Are Gatherers getting updated in Heavensward?
A:Yes! All 3 gatherers are having their level cap raised to 60 and getting new abilities. Fisher specifically has been cited to have new actions and requirements that will make use of the GP parameter.