Final Fantasy XIV Heavensward Gil Farming Tips

Game: Final Fantasy XIV
Time: 2015-08-10 05:50:03
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Heavensward online, the Free Company Workeshop is online as well. For some big Free Companies, they have their own FC Workshops even Company Airships. But some small FCs may don?ˉt have, here FFXIV4GIL makes a guide for Free Company Workshop and Company Crafting.



Free Company Crafting is a feature introduced in Heavensward that allows players to craft Aetherial Wheels, Housing Items and Airships for their Free Company. Free Company Airships can be used to embark on Exploratory Voyages. It is very hot recently from Heavensward online. In fact, it is a team work, you must have a FC firstly. Of course, Free Company Crafting requires your Free Company to have a House. For the players who want to build a FC by theirselves, here we will explain some details.

Free Companies are player operated organizations similar to guilds in other MMOs. To create a Free Company players need to be level 25 or higher and be a partner of a Grand Company. You need to pay 15,000 FFXIV Gil along with signatures from 3 other players to create a Free Company, and has not have been in a free company for 24 hours. Players can only be in one FC at a time, and FC are guilds while Linkshells are chat channels.

Players can rank up their FCs by participating in activities such as fighting monsters, gathering resources, crafting items, doing guildleves (battle, crafting and gathering) and Grand Company Leves and Treasure Hunt to earn free company experience points that allow the Company to rank up. These activities also grant the Free Company credits that can be used to earn buffs and items.

If you have a FC, you can buy your own Free Company Workshop with FFXIV Gil and unlock Company Crafting. Company Workshop can be purchased at the entrance to private chambers. It can only be purchased by free company leader or members with the authorization to build or remove a workshop. I think that is why so many players like to build a FC theirselves especially for players who like crafting.

Company projects may require the cooperation of FC members depending on the amount of materials required. The materials required for any given project can be confirmed by opening the company crafting log via the fabrication station. Players will need a team of 4 players to craft.

The schematic board is used to draft new projects. After gathering the required items, select the plan you wish to create. A new plan will then be added to the company crafting log automatically.

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