Final Fantasy XIV: How to Enter the Housing Lottery?

Game: Final Fantasy XIV
Time: 2022-02-08 03:32:55
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Final Fantasy XIV: How to Enter the Housing Lottery?


Final Fantasy 14 will add a patch after Endwalker that will open up a housing lottery for players interested in homeownership in Isghard. Here's how the housing lottery system works and how to enter it.

How Final Fantasy 14's Lottery System will work?

The new lottery system will be introduced with Ishgard's housing, but the system will also be implemented for other districts. With the new system, players will no longer have to wait for hours in front of a placard and hope that they click faster at the right moment than the rest of the players that are in competition with them over getting the home. Instead, they just put themselves in a lottery with a random winner by making a refundable housing deposit.

Fairness was put above all else in this system, as there can only be one lottery ticket per player. After a set amount of time for Final Fantasy 14 players to put themselves in the lottery, they will all receive a notification as to whether they won the home or not. Those who won will have a time limit to accept the purchase and move in, while those lost will have all their money refunded.

But free trial accounts cannot participate in the lottery, only paying players. Lottery wards will also be divided between Free Company homes and solo player homes. Lastly, this new system will not precisely be replacing all ways to purchase housing. The two systems will be combined and sometimes change depending on supply and demand.

How to enter the Housing Lottery in FFXIV?

To enter the Housing Lottery, you'll have to meet some requirements. Your character needs to have reached level 50 in at least one job and the Second Lieutenant rank in its Grand Company. In addition, while it's possible to relocate for a new plot, players can only have a house on one character per World.

Here are the steps of the Housing Lottery, as described by the FFXIV producers in the Live Letter from the Producer last November:

    1). Head to your housing district of choice.
    2). Open the map and look for auction hammers. It means the plots are up to purchase. It's also possible to identify them when asking to look at the plots list by speaking to the district's NPC.
    3). Head to the plot available and right-click on its placard.
    4). Pay the full price of the plot and enter the lottery. You'll be able to see the number of entrants before, so you can go to all plots and weigh your chances to help you choose which one to apply for.
    5). Players can only enter the lottery for one plot each period. To maximize your chances, you'll have to avoid Ishgard's Empyreum district and favor smaller plots.
    6). If you won the lottery, you'd have to claim the land in a short delay, or you'd lose the house and half the payment. If you lost, the full payment would be refunded.

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