Final Fantasy XIV: How to Unlock and Play the Machinist Job?

Game: Final Fantasy XIV
Time: 2021-09-03 03:01:40
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You may already know many FFXIV related guides from us, such as where to unlock the rising quest, how to get the mount, and the best ways to make Final Fantasy 14 Gil, etc. Now let's enter the machinist guide.


Final Fantasy XIV: How to Unlock and Play the Machinist Job?

The Machinist is a job in Final Fantasy XIV, introduced in the game's first expansion pack, FFXIV: Heavensward. Join us as we take a closer look at what the Machinist has to offer in the new Final Fantasy 14 expansion and how to unlock or play the Machinist job.

Final Fantasy XIV Machinist job Adjustment

With the ever-changing rules and systems of online games, the Machinist job in FFXIV has had some major adjustments and bonuses to smooth the journey through Heavensward.

1). Junior Machinist Coffer

The Junior Machinist set was added with the launch of Stormblood. Players will need to complete the level 50 quest "The Power of a Tourney" from Stephanivien. Because Machinists were not available for "A Realm Reborn," Square Enix did not give the job a unique Antique armor as the base jobs have. Instead, the Junior Machinist is simply a full suite of level 90 Saurian of Aiming armor. Because of this, Bards and Dancers can also wear the set.

2). Machinist Coffer

The Machinist set was once the strongest gear bought with Tomestones of Esoterics. However, Stormblood now grants this gear as a complimentary reward. To earn it, players will need to complete the level 60 quest "Rise of the Machinists" from Stephanivien.

3). Gunner's Coffer

The final free set from Stormblood, the Gunner's Coffer set, will help players making their way to Shadowbringers. This armor chest will be received after completing the level 70 quest "The Mongrel and the Knight" from Hilda at Foundation (x: 11.4, y: 12).

How to Unlock Machinist in Final Fantasy XIV?

Unlock Machinist


Before you go unlocking Machinist, there are a few things you'll need to have accomplished before unlocking the job:

1). You'll need to have purchased and installed the Heavensward expansion.

2). Your character must be level 50 in at least one other job and complete the Astral Era quests.

3). Once that's been completed, head over to (8,10) in Foundation to find the NPC Stephanivien. Speak with him and accept the quest, "Savior of Skysteel," to begin the Machinist job quest. The quest isn't particularly long and doesn't require much effort to complete.

Once you complete that quest, you'll gain access to the Soul of the Machinist and some basic equipment for the job, which will allow you access to the job. It would help if you kept this NPC in mind, as you'll be coming back here to do job quests further down the line.

How to Play the Machinist Job in Final Fantasy XIV?

While some may consider Machinist similar to Bard because it has some support abilities, those abilities are few. This was more relevant when the job was first released with Heavensward as, for example, your turrets were able to replenish MP and TP, but that no longer applies. You have an ability with an AOE that increases movement speed and decreases damage taken for party members in range. You'll want to focus on dealing damage, and there will be two different ways you'll be doing that as you start leveling up: directly and indirectly.

Your primary damage will be ranged and done through auto-attacks and abilities: you'll want to focus on, especially early on, the Reassemble and Wildfire abilities: the former increases the potency of the next ability used, and the latter increases the potency of all weapon skills until the effect ends, resulting in a damage-dealing explosion.

The other main method of dealing damage is indirect, through your turret and automaton: the former get really early on and the other you get when you hit the current level cap of 80. Each one only lasts for a limited time and has an overload ability which forces them to use a powerful attack before deactivating, so you should only use it when the turret is about to deactivate anyway.

Also, you should note the Hypercharge ability, as well, as it allows access to other great abilities in your Machinist toolkit as well. As you're going through your rotations, you'll be gaining points in your Heat and Battery Guages; Heat Guage allows access to Hypercharge, and Battery Guage allows you access to your turrets.

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