Final Fantasy XIV Leveling Tips for New Players

Game: Final Fantasy XIV
Time: 2019-05-05 15:40:19
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Final Fantasy XIV Leveling Tips for New Players


Progress through the Main Story Quest (MSQ) to unlock centent such as dungeons, raids, endgame, and new areas. If you skip scenes, don't worry. You can watch all of them in the Inns (located in each main city) any time. Once you reach a MSQ you are't high enough level to do, use other means to level in order to do more MSQ:


- Daily Roulettes (EXP bonus for each, once a day.)

- Level Appropriate Side Quests

- Challenge & Hunting log (In the logs menu)

- Palace of the Dead (Access at level 17, see below)

- Heaven on High at 61+ (Access at 61, see below)

- Level Appropriate Levequests

- Fate Grinding

- Dungeons/Instances

- Adventurer Squadrons (Access at lvl 47 & after obtaining 2nd Lieutenant rank w/ GC)


* Recommended healthy mix of the above, particularly Roulettes PotD & dungeons. Squads will become available later & are a great source of EXP, perhaps for when you level other classes. *


If you need help completing a dungeon/raid/primal fight ceate your own Party Finder and put "bonus/1st time" in the description.


Other important things to do: complete Content Quests (Blue Quests marked by a !) These unlock other content such as more dungeons, actions like glamouring & dying equipment, mount flying, unlocking other jobs, etc.


Be sure to complete your class/job quests as they become available for new abilities! These are very important!


As you adventure, use the bonuses available to you to earn extra EXP using these options:


- Always have food active for the 3% EXP increase!

- Log off in the main cities/sanctuaries for Rested EXP, obtained over time as you are offline.

- Join a FC (even if you choose another one later) for heat of the battle buff (5-15% EXP via battle)

- Obtain "Brand-new Ring" via completion of the Hall of the Novice trainings quests. (30% EXP lvl 30 and below)


Armory Bonus: You receive +100% additional EXP while leveling any secondary class that are lower than your highest level class. At level 60 this decreases to 50%.


You can also buy a story skip potion and/or job boost Potion on Mog Station. Recommend buying BOTH if you choose this option, otherwise still have to do the other.


* I do not recommend this! The story is amazing & gives you time to leatn more about the game & classes. *


Disclaimer: Information may be missing or become outdated as new content is released, as well as moving into Shasowbringers. The information collected is to the best of my ability.