Final Fantasy XIV Palace of the Dead Guide

Game: Final Fantasy XIV
Time: 2017-01-31 08:30:42
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Today our website will take you to get knowledge of the deep dungeon Palace of the Dead (the mechanics, what you should do and general tips).


Palace of the Dead (PoTD), the deep dungeon, has 50 floors, spliting into five sets. The difficulty increases in each sets and in the end of every 10th floor, there is a boss. You are required at least level 17 to unlock the PoTD. In Palace, you have to start at level 1 and gain xp, learn your spells and abilities.


Floors 1-10 

Palace Hornet: Final Sting - The bee must hold still to cast. Stun it, break line of sight, or have a pet soak the damage if you don't have the dps to kill the hornet fast enough. These will be the biggest hurdle to a solo player, especially before your aetherpool gear is upgraded.


Floors 11-20 

Palace Slime: Rapture - damages everything in range for an amount equal to current HP - this will instantly wipe an entire party. Cast after the second digest (~20 seconds in). Burn these fast or use a Pomander of Witching if you get several at once. Damage can be avoided by running out of cast range or breaking line of sight.


Spurge: (L20 Boss) - Two Palace Hornets will spawn together at regular intervals. Pop succubus form if solo and bring them down fast. Otherwise the damage will overwhelm you, even though the stings are no longer directly fatal at this level.


Floors 21-30

Palace Skatene: Chirp - Induces a 15 second sleep on every party member in range. Chirp is subject to diminishing returns (15/7/3), and can only be avoided by going out of range or breaking line of sight. Turning away will not prevent the sleep. Due to the numerous wandering enemies with dangerous knockbacks, this can lead to party wipes.


Floors 41-50

Final Boss: Black Honeymoon - Failing to avoid In Health will cause a rune on the ground to illuminate. This ability is a large aoe used after Cold Feet and can only be dodged by standing directly under the boss. If all five runes become illuminated before the next Black Honeymoon, it will kill the entire party.


Except these, below are thing you should bear in mind or notice.


1. Acquiring and upgrading a weapon will only subtract 30 and 60 points from your total, respectively. You must have purchased a Padjali (235) weapon to upgrade to a Kinna (255) weapon.


2. Dragons will frequently nuke nearby players even if not engaged in combat (similar to the succubi of Amdapor Keep). Flame Dragons cast Fireball, which deals 4000 damage to all players in a large area and applies Burns - a 650/tick dot for 15 seconds. Dark Dragons cast Dark Thorn, which deals 3000 damage to all players in a large area.


3. Many players don't realize that status potions are targettable. If your whole party is hit with an impeding trap, using echo drops on your healer will allow them to remove the rest.


4. Insistent inquisitors are the new version of the weapon-wielding adventurers. These have a high chance to drop chests, that have a high chance to be a mimic.


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