Final Fantasy XIV Patch 3.3 Preliminary Patch Notes

Game: Final Fantasy XIV
Time: 2016-06-13 04:45:12
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Square Enix's FF series online game Final Fantasy XIV have usher in the 3.3 versions be in June 7. Recently, present for the official release on youtube(click here) "Final Fantasy 14" 3.3 version of the new content of the Trailer.

Patch 3.3, aka Revenge of your Horde, will be the third content patch for The critically-acclaimed Final Fantasy XIV. Subscribers can expect the new
Content to hit the reside servers on June 7.

One from the most significant additions inside the upcoming patch is the New aid is succeeding the Void Ark that was released in 3.1. Also, gamers Will finally have the ability to see the conclusion from the thrilling Heavenward storyline. As constantly, there are going to be two new Dungeons with one particular being the difficult mode of a preceding Dungeon, a brand new tribe quest, and many more.FFXIV GIL sale on