Final Fantasy XIV Raid Visual Guide: Void Ark

Game: Final Fantasy XIV
Time: 2015-11-16 13:03:32
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With the release of FFXIV Heavensward 3.1 patch, a new 24 man raid has been released! Void Ark – a floating palace filled with coffins and ugly things that will try to kill you.

Basic Information:
The raid is made up of three alliances of 8 people each. Each party is composed of ONE tank, TWO Healers, and FIVE DPS. There are four boss fights and several smaller stages of trash mobs.

1.Item Level: 175 or above
2.Quest to unlock: To Rule the Skies (Location: Utata – Sea of Clouds x25,y5)

1).ONE piece of equipment per week. You cannot roll after having received your item of the week.
2).ONE Mhachi Farthing per week. Can be exchanged in Idyllshire with Bertana (x5,y5) to enhance esoteric armor and accessories.
3).Reset is on Tuesday (3AM EST)

The Beginning
First few baddies you will encounter are three ARK ANZU, two HYBODUS and a bunch of HYDROSPITE they are trash. Burn it with fire.
Boss 1: Cetus
Cetus is a stingray looking thing that looks like Seaworld’s devil.

Simplified Mechanics:
1.Watch where Cetus is flying and make sure it is not heading your way and dropping water bombs on you.
2.Only one main tank is needed, the other two will be twiddling their thumbs and dpsing.
3.Be aware of what you’re standing in.
4.Kill Adds.

Water bombs: These will appear randomly around the map. Get away from them as they will explode and form a small circle of don’t-touch-it-or-you-die AOE.

Hybodus Pup AOE trace: A couple of these mobs will spawn and each will choose on player to tag. Tagged players must run towards the mob and kill it ASAP. Other players should help kill these as well.

Cetus pooping WATER BOMBS: A couple of Hydrobus will spawn and everybody has to burn it down. Meanwhile, Cetus will be chasing after one person and pooping water bombs on their head. This person has to run FAR AWAY from the group and dodge the bombs. It does massive damage and can easily wipe parties.
DIVE BOMB: One person will be marked with a green symbol. Get away from everybody.
Electric Whorl: Map wide circle AOE. Run to the boss like you’ve never ran before.
At around 30% one alliance party will be pulled into the middle and HYDROSPHERE and HYDROCORE will spawn. The team teams outside must kill all Hydrosphere to save the team inside. The team inside must kill the HYDROCORE to save themselves.

Mini Stage: Poison Knot Stage
This stage can easily wipe everyone if the parties are not doing their job. Pay attention. It’s not a boss btw. Make sure you stand with your party and that your ranged classes are taking care of the Pagan Knots/Vines.

Boss 2: Irminsul & Sawtooth
Sawtooth is the four legged creature with its tail connected to a giant pole. This pole is Irminsul. Yup, one of the bosses is a pole.

Simplified Mechanics:
1.TANKS note that one of you will be twiddling your thumbs while the other two tanks one boss each.
2.DPS note which boss is resistant to what and don’t attack the one that is immune to your attacks.
3.Ninja’s should be aware that Suiton will not activate on whichever boss is immune to magic -if you want to use Trick Attack you need to use Suiton on the opposite boss that doesn’t resist it. (TY aeliott)
4.DON’T GET EATEN. Every time an ADD or a party member is eaten Irminsul gains one damage buff and an increase to its enrage bar. So dodge and kill adds ASAP. Also, if you get eaten you turn into a plant that tries to kill your party members for 10s. Just don’t get eaten.
5.When the pole suddenly generates a shield, line of sight Sawtooth. (e.g GET BEHIND THE POLE WHEN THE POLE GETS SHINY)
6.Don’t get eaten.

Resistance: The two bosses will each gain either a magic immunity or a ranged physical immunity. DPS must hit the right boss. (eg. BLM/SMN must hit the boss with ranged physical immunity. We are ranged magical.)

Devour: The ground will shake and a monster will pop up eating anything that is still standing on that area. Run OUT of the area and kill any remaining adds. Each thing Irminsul eats will increase the enrage meter. (When enrage hits 100 = party wipe)

If you get eaten, you will turn into a plant that will attack other party members and turn them into a plant as well. This increases the enrage meter.

MUCUS BOMB: One person will have a dirty yellow circle marked above their head. Anyone standing near this person will be attached to everyone else that was near this person via a yellow line. Anyone attached to a line will be frozen. Other party members must run through the lines to free them.

Sawtooth Wipe Mechanic: Line of sight him by getting behind Irminsul (the pole). You will know to do this when Irminsul becomes shiny.Repeat until death.The next stage will be all trash mobs. Kill the hell hounds, gargoyles and blackguards and you’re good.

Boss 3: Cuchulainn AKA OMFG WTF IS THAT THING.
Ugliest thing ever. It’s like they mixed everything ugly together and came up with this.

Simplified Mechanics:
1.Just don’t stand in front of it. This is important to avoid its wide frontal puking attack- also known as CORROSIVE BILE
2.Kill adds and absorb red balls with full HP or another party member.
3.Healers prepare to AOE heal like crazy. Every person will be inflicted with one stack of “BLEED” the moment the fight begins.
4.Stand on platforms when it casts “BILE BELOW” (Shower Thoughts: If corrosive bile is from its mouth..where is bile below from…….??!”)
5.Don’t look at it for too long.

Positioning: Note the locations of the four platforms and stand near one at all times. Also don’t stand in green puddles. They’re bad.
Flailing Tentacles: Cuchulainn will lift up its tentacles and slam them down. Get between its tentacles to avoid.
Gyrotowers: will spawn around the map. Burn them down immediately. Every person will be inflicted with “Bleed” and each Gyrotower that is up will add one stack of “Bleed”.
BILE BELOW: when the entire map fills with green gunk, jump on one of the platforms.
Foobar and Void Gates: Void gates will spawn on each platform and a FOOBAR will emerge. Burn them down and the void gate will disappear.
Black Phlegm: Red circles will appear around the map. Players must run to each ball and absorb the balls. Either absorb it with full health or absorb with multiple party members.
Corrosive Bile: It will puke on everything in front of it in a wide frontal cone. It’s awful, just don’t stand in front of it.

Final Boss: Enchidna
This guy is easy compared to the last couple of bosses.

Simplified Mechanics:
1.Label three corners of the map ABC. When Echidna splits into three, each tank will grab one and take it to their letter. Their party will follow and burn it down.
2.Stack on guy with orange symbol to divide damage.
3.Enchidna has PETRIFACTION. We all know what that means- TURN AWAY from the boss. (protip: this happens even during split. Party burning enchidna must keep this in mind)
4.Kill adds.

Remember to label three corners of the map ABC. This is important for the DPS check.
ORANGE SYMBOL: A party member will have this orange down arrow on his head. Run inside circle to help absorb damage.
Dodge Mapwide AOEs: Two huge rectangular AOEs will take up most of map. Either run to the sides or stay in the middle.
During ABYSSAL REAPER you can avoid the attack by moving away from the boss. The attack is a circle cleave.
PETRIFACTION: Enchidna will cast PETRIFACTION that will freeze everyone who is still looking at it at the end of its cast. Turn away.
DPS Check: Echidna will split into three and each tank must take one and pull to their corners assigned in the beginning. Make sure they are FAR APART. They will gain a buff when close together. Burn it down or wipe.
TANKS you don’t have to provoke. One will automatically come to you.
TANKS you have to move it OUT of the red flaming circle OR stun it before it finishes casting the big circle AOE. (TY gandeeva)
Party with ENCHIDNA note that it will still cast PETRIFACTION.
HEALERS you will have to AOE heal after all three mini boss dies.

Repeat until death.