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Game: Final Fantasy XIV
Time: 2016-01-22 05:17:00
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Before messing with final fantasy 14, let’s talk about a baseless rumor where square enix got the title ‘final fantasy.’

Square enix is just a ‘so-so,’ company in the past. Nobody knew them, except themselves. It is a company on its wit’s end, a company without a death wish, but already on its death bed.

However, an unforeseen event happened, someone decided, a game shall be released. If the game succeed (become popular), the company yields to continue. If the game fails, the company dies. The creative team of the company thought many catchy titles, still, none of them fit the game. Suddenly, someone said “since, it may be our last game, why not name it ‘final fantasy’?” And the company decided – Final fantasy shall be its title.

Final Fantasy 14 Presentation:
It is square enix. Expect the presentation to be top notch: graphics, creative camera angles on cinematic and enticing dialogues from characters.

Since, no game is ever perfect for players; even square enix developed the game. It is still far from perfect. There are still exaggerated skill effects, and the character’s pixel still goes through the enemy’s large body.

Even square enix has some troubles when it comes to creativity. Final fantasy xiv also exploits monster recycling where they simply recycle a monster, changing its color, and adding an adjective on its name, and there goes the new monster. Take for example: there is a wolf, upon entering deeper in the forest, a new breed of wolf welcomes the player called ‘black wolf.’

Final Fantasy 14 Gameplay:
In terms of economy, FFXIV barely offers unique features, players still rely on gil (main currency ffxiv gil), and uses final fantasy xiv gil to buy weapons.

FFXIV is your typical ‘click-press hotkey’ MMO. However, the game is interesting in its own way, as a single character can become white mage, fighter, name it, as long as the character is wearing the right gears.

Final Fantasy 14 Conclusion
In conclusion, FFXIV is worth trying because of its fantastic presentation, and unique class rotation.Discuss what you think about final fantasy with players who buy ffxiv gil, and cheap ffxiv gil on the market.