Final Fantasy XIV Shadowbringers Expansion Is Coming

Game: Final Fantasy XIV
Time: 2018-11-23 15:09:18
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Last weekend, Square Enix took to the stage in the recent Final Fantasy XIV Fan Festival held in Las Vegas, director Naoki Yoshida revealed that the time has come for the Final Fantasy XIV's third expansion: Shadowbringers, and offered all the juicy facts. Anticipate to find out plenty of fan-favorite themes to produce a comeback. Square Enix also handily provided a teaser trailer for the new expansion:



Shadowbringers will finally place Final Fantasy XIV to version 5.0, and it's bringing with it a lot more for the game's ongoing storyline. After launched, players are going to be capable to take around the Garlean Empire and other new threats as "they turn into Warriors of Darkness", as opposed to Warriors of Light. 


The anticipated adjustments like raised level caps and new classes are here, but there will even be a new playable race entering the fray. Lots of fans have speculated what this race might be, but powerful hinting from Square Enix appears to recommend the bunny-like Viera, of FFXII fame. It is absolutely a race which has long been requested by everyone up till now. 


Furthermore to this, Shadowbringers is introducing a brand new NPC "Trust" system, which will let NPCs from dungeons travel along with you outside of them as companions. Far more particulars behind this are not identified at this time, nevertheless it sounds like an exciting function, specifically for those who might prefer to play the game solo.


Final Fantasy XIV Shadowbringers


Things are finding a lot more interesting for all those who play with friends as well, nonetheless! The huge update may also see new alternatives for customers to play in servers from other regions about the globe, a feature that had previously been unavailable. Last but not least is definitely the addition of a bizarre and unique new class, 1 that requires inspiration from its namesake of past Final Fantasy titles: The Blue Mage. 


As an alternative to coming with Shadowbringers, this class will be added as a free update to the game sometime just before the expansion's launch and can be limited to a pick group of players. To qualify, you need to meet 3 circumstances: Personal A Realm Reborn, attain level 50 as a Disciple of War or Magic and comprehensive the 2.0 most important situation. These odd qualifications, along with other limits like a beginning level cap of 50, come about because of the class's exclusive playstyle separate from other ones. Those who've played previous FF games will know exactly what the Blue Mages do: Copy skills and magic from other monsters and foes as they defeat them.


There's plenty much more to appear forward to, like new dungeons, new zones, and new Beast Tribes. For all the information talked about right here and much more, be certain to check out the official internet site for FFXIV's Shadowbringers expansion. The only date Square Enix could supply for its release was a window of the early summer season 2019, so expect it to hit around then. Additions like the Blue Mage will preserve us sated until then. We will continue to bring you the latest Final Fantasy XIV information and the cheap Final fantasy xiv gil.