Final Fantasy XIV Splits Its Races Into Multiple Tribes

Game: Final Fantasy XIV
Time: 2017-04-11 14:11:42
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Final Fantasy XIV uses a system where your class is determined by the type of weapon you wield. For instance, assumption that you were a cook, and you would have found yourself wielding a cooking utensil. In addition, Final Fantasy XIV splits its races into multiple tribes. Previously, Square Enix mentioned the Hyur Midlander and Highlander tribes.




Split into Plainsfolk and Dunesfolk types. The Dunesfolk live in desert and lead a nomadic herdsman life. The Plainsfolk reside in thatched-roof housing and are capable of hearing even faint footsteps.



Split into Midlander and Highlander types. Midlanders take up the majority of the population and exist throughout the land. The large-framed Highlanders originate from the northern highlands, but following the fall of their capital city of Aramigo have become a rare sight.



Split into Forester and Shader types. Foresters lived for hundreds of years deep in the forst, but in recent times have either adapted to city life or moved back to a nomadic life on the fields. Shaders resided in dark caves. Many still do so and have turned to thievery. The Shaders have disdain for the Foresters.



Split into Seekers of the Sun and Keepers of the Moon. The Seekers of the Sun are active during the day and believe in the god Arzema. The Keepers of the Moon are nocturnal and believe in the moon god Manefina.



Split into Seewolf and Lohengarde types. The Lohengarde live around a volcanic crater that they believe to be the gate to hell. They're equipped in the magic arts. The Seewolf types came from the northern seas as pirates and are now seen working as sailers.