Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood Will Be Launched In Next Week

Game: Final Fantasy XIV
Time: 2017-06-10 13:50:17
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We were away from Final Fantasy XIV's Stormblood extension of the early access time in less than a week, the expansion was officially released on June 20. And Square Enix has decided to release the trailer in advance to start early.

The new expansion will raise the level of the game to 70, adding two new jobs, allowing the player to swim for the first time, completely transforming the game's combat system, and including two new areas for the player to explore. For this game, this is a remodel of hell, and I have not been able to close myself. Although the expansion only increased the number of DPS operations, the total number of players to the game to 15, but the game director Yoshida straight hi has admitted that he plans to continue to add tasks in Final Fantasy XIV, until Square stop support the game. So this is definitely not the last update we can see for the playable class. With the updated combat system, it must be a fun time.


So, ready to join the resistance, once again bear the Calais empire, because it is time to go to the gorgeous Gil Abia, the liberation of the Arabian black people.

So if you are one of FFXIV fans, you must need to play the new expansion at the first time. EA has been on the new game publicity for so long time, and launched a series of trailers, It is time to test whether the new game is really as fun as the trailer, so attractive.

Furthermore, no matter what new game launch, will launch a lot of new equipment and scenes, then we will need a lot of gold, so if you want to enjoy the fun of the new game, you need to prepare enough gold in advance, you can follow, there are a lot cheap FFXIV Gil for sale.