Final Fantasy XIV: The Full Guide Of Goldsmith Class

Game: Final Fantasy XIV
Time: 2020-03-09 11:12:40
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Full Guide Of Goldsmith Class In Final Fantasy XIV

  In Final Fantasy XIV, all the Goldsmiths work quite precious metals and stones into a multitude of accessories that attract every player. In fact, being a Goldsmiths could be quite difficult because you continuously have to scavenge for resources or materials that are priced way off the charts in terms of Final Fantasy XIV currency. Be that as it may, this class makes it so that the end result of crafting could lead to a quite rewarding experience, and a full pocket of FFXIV Gil! Whether you are a wide-eyed beginner or a wily veteran who wants more information, our Goldsmith class here at FFXIV4GIL can help you quench your curiosity about Goldsmiths. 

  First Of All: What Is A Goldsmith In Final Fantasy XIV?

  Here comes the definition of Goldsmith, Goldsmith is a Disciples of the Hand (crafting) class that uses metals and gems to create accessories such as necklaces, earrings, and rings. Goldsmiths rely on miners for gemstones and ores with which to craft staves and scepters for Thaumaturges and hora for Pugilists. Apart from that, they also can make needles for accessories and weaves such as bracelets, earrings, rings for everyone and headgear such as circlets and spectacles for those casters and crafters. The most important is, they also can refine precious metals into ingots usable by various Disciples Of The Hand, as well as refine jewels from the raw stone. Being stonecutters at their core, you should know that the Goldsmiths are also capable of doing masonry work, for example, stone walls for housing.

  If you really want to become a Goldsmith, then you just simply take to the Goldsmith's Guild receptionist when you are level 10 or much higher on another class. Another information you need to pay attention to is the Goldsmith's Guild is located in Ul'dah.

  The Skills Of Goldsmith Owns In Final Fantasy XIV

  Every Crafting and/or Disciple Of Hand Class shares a lot of skills, four of which are unique to each class. And now here are some skills that only you would have if you get into Goldsmithing, please take a look at that:

  1. Manipulation:

  Manipulation restores 10 points of Durability after each step for the coming up next three steps. This skill is much better than the skill "Masters Mend" in most scenario, because you save a bit of CP and best of all, you even do not have to do this while other buffs are cast.

  2. Flawless Synthesis:

  This is a totally brand new point, Flawless Synthesis increases by 40, what's more, it has a success rate of 90%. It could be quite easily one-shot at much lower-level recipes since, you know, the increase of the progress is 40 flat.

  3. Innovation:

  Just as you know, innovation increases control by 50% for the next three steps. Add 50% control for three steps is precisely as great as it sounds. For 18 Crafting Points, this is a huge advantage for your buck, or in Final Fantasy XIV terms - bang for your Crafting Points! If you only succeed basic touch three times, that means this skill has already paid for itself, and more! With much better touch skills and much higher control, the benefits of this skill become astronomical. with much better gear, then the innovation scales greatly and it is arguably the most powerful crafting skill to date.

  4. Maker's Mark:

  Maker's Mark reduces Flawless Synthesis' Crafting Points cost and durability loss to 0. The effectiveness of the last is determined by the recipe difficulty. Please keep in mind that this skill is only available on the very first step.

  Is Goldsmithing Easy And Profitable In Final Fantasy XIV?

  Goldsmithing is extremely easy to get into. Because for almost all the recipes, the only other class that you are required to also be adapted at is just Miner. And there are only a handful of recipes that need to fish for coral, and a few recipes requiring some farmed mobs. All in all, these can be ignored cause they are not that important.

  Generally, Goldsmithing is also profitable; because you know, there are several ingots and whetstones that only a Goldsmith can create that are really needed by some other classes. These including Electrum Ingots, Mudstone Whetstones, Mythril Ingots, Siltstone Whetstone, and Silver Ingots. Ingots for Goldsmithers go into 200 recipes, therefore, this will let you easily barter with some other crafters for ingredients and gear. If you are lazy, just straight up and sell them on the Market Boards.

  Last but not least question, Should I Try Getting Into Goldsmith In Final Fantasy XIV?

  Now, if you are a fan of gathering and crafting, then you should definitely try Goldsmith as your very start crafting class. While focusing on your main class, you can pick up Goldsmith as a sort of a side job to earn a little extra Final Fantasy XIV currency. Goldsmiths earn a sizeable amount of FFXIV Gil by selling their crafted items and most of the time, these items are in great demand from other classes, therefore, you will have no trouble fitting if what you're after is the moolah.