Final Fantasy XIV trailer has all the pretties

Game: Final Fantasy XIV
Time: 2013-08-28 06:41:59
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Final Fantasy XIV, the game clearly gunning for the most joyously rainbow-filled game of all time, is now live in Europe for all fans of outrageous hair, over-sized swords, and crazy monsters. That is to say,many surprising and e xciting elements will be added,and you can buy special armor and outfits with FFXIV Gil to experience. To mark the occasion, developer Square Enix has posted alaunch trailer.

The launch trailer is full of the usual narrative hallmarks of the series, but of course this fourteenth iteration of the series with seventeen games at last count is an MMO, so you’ll be able to save the world from impossible evil alongside pals, both on PC and that black monolith that sits under some people’s TV known as a PlayStation 3.