Final Fantasy XIV: Universal Markers Guide

Game: Final Fantasy XIV
Time: 2019-06-20 10:06:18
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Standard AoE

This is the orange area of effect attack you will be seeing more than anything else. Maybe it will be a circle, maybe a line, maybe a cone, maybe a Pacman shape. This is the quintessential "Don't stand in bad."

Area of Effects come in a lot of flavors. And by flavors, I mean kinds of pain.


Friendly AoE

AoEs generated by friendly NPCs will be blue. You can stand in these without fear and it's advisable to tank enemies within these types so that the ally can deal as much damage as possible.


Targeting Markers

There are a LOT of ways the game tells you that an attack or mechanic will be targeting you. Maybe it will leave something behind after, maybe it will have an AoE attached. These vary from fight to fight.


Dive Bomb Marker

This is like a targeting mark, but you'll need to look around the arena for the dragon of whatever sort that will be slamming itself into you or breathing a line of whatever element. This will be an area of effect attack that will also have a knockback. This can be very dangerous in areas with a deadly barrier wall or no walls.


"Prey" Markers

These are like a targeting mark, but sometimes they can be picked up by another player coming into contact with them or potentially intercepting a tether. Or they might just be this duty's choice of a targeting marker. If you can pass the prey, either remain still or move to a designated part of the arena.


Landing Zone

This is a placable AoE where the boss will be returning to the arena.



These are the general purpose mark of "X is interacting with Y."  How the mechanic resolve varies from fight to fight. If running away from the target doesn't work or results in something like a vulnerability stack, run towards the target. Occasionally a tank will need to "Pick up the tether," in which case stand still so they can, or move to a designated location and then stand still.


Capture Chain

This is not a tether, this is drawing your attention to the targeted players who need to be broken free through being DPSed down. Oftentimes, there will be a DPS check attached to this. Sometimes the destroyable chain will have a vulnerability buff based on the proximity to the target. Check to see if this is the case and move the boss if that will help and you can.


Distance Tether

This tethered attack will deal more damage the closer you are to the target you are tethered to. Run far away with this tether.



The rules of magnetism apply to whatever you're tethered to. If you have plus and it's a plus, you will be pushed away from it (and maybe it you), if you have plus and it's a minus, you will be drawn towards it (and again, maybe it to you). The inverse would also be true (Minus and Minus pushing apart, Minus and Plus drawing towards)


Acceleration Bomb

This mark above your head will count down. When it reaches zero and disappears, you will need to be doing nothing (Not attacking, casting, or moving) or you will be launched into the air and take damage and often a debuff.



This head mark means you will be hit with a line AoE. Try to drag it off to the side of the arena.


Radial AoE

The closer you are to the center portion, the more damage you will take.


Placable Radial AoE

This AoE will remain under the targeted person, but will eventually transform into the standard Radial AoE. Generally, you should take this AoE away from the party, wait for it to turn into the radial, and then run back to them.


Tankbuster Radial AoE

This is functionally similar to the placeable radial, but the person marked with it will be dead center of it when it detonates. Generally, you should take this away from the party, wait for it to go off, then return to the party.



Simply turn away from the source of the gaze and it will miss. Be warned that casting or using a weapon skill will turn you back to face the target. If the game comes out with an AoE, only players within the AoE will have to turn away, any who are out of it can continue to face the target without worry.


Stack/Soak Marker

An attack of incredibly high damage will be hitting the target. Additional players who enter the circle will divide the damage among them. (e.g.A single target will be hit for 40,000 damage, but if four players are within it, each player will take 10,000) Typically this should be brought to the direct rear of the boss so that everyone can maintain uptime while ensuring that the person targeted survives. (In the occasional event that there are a lot of people dead, it's not unheard of for the targeted person to run away from the boss so that only they die.) Occasionally, such as with The Final Steps of Faith, players will need to remain stacked for subsequent hits.


Stack Gaze

By your powers combined, I am the stack gaze. Players need to stand within the circle to split damage among them while looking away from the person in the direct center. Generally, take this to the rear of the boss and stand still.


Line Stack/Soak

Much like the regular Stack/Soak marker, this damage must be shared and will be divided among the players hit. Unlike the Stack/Soak marker, players don't need to be within the direct animation of the mark, simply being in a straight line with the player and the boss will cause the damage to be split.


Stacking Triangle

Players with this mark will need to stack on at least one other player with this mark. There may be some minor damage attached to it, but the effects will be better than not stacking. Often players will stack directly behind the boss, so if you don't know where to stack, run there.


Landmine AoE

These AoEs will immediately trigger as soon as someone steps into them. The area of effect of the damage may be larger than the radius that will detonate it.


Pathing AoE

These AoEs will move in a line as marked by the arrows. They will typically go until the edge of the arena, firing in sequence.



Much like the "Pathing AoE" This will burst into a series of line AoEs coming out from the points of the star. Generally, being far from this is a good method of defense, as that will cause the safe spots to widen.


Shrinking Arena

Lines such as this moving inwards means the arena is going to shortly be shrinking. This will either result in a lethal zone or at least a zone of heavy damage over time effect.


Summoning Circle

A number of players equal to the number of glowing circles within it must stand within this mark simultaneously or it will summon an enemy when the cast finishes. A successfully sealed summoning circle will have a ring of chains around it and can be exited.


Target Lock

This AoE will slowly follow a selected player before eventually changing its appearance slightly signaling that the AoE has been placed. You will generally have very little time to get out of this AoE once it has locked onto a location, so be careful or start leading it early.


Meteor Circles/Tower

Someone will need to stand in these in order to prevent the attack from hitting the entire party/alliance. The person who stands in it will often take damage, but in an alliance situation, that could be 8 people taking 8,000 damage versus 24 people taking 64,000 damage.


Ice Floor

If you move while the floor is slicked with ice, you will slide uncontrollably for a long distance. It is possible to reposition while this is up, but generally inadvisable. Movement abilities like Elusive Jump can be used without triggering the slide.


Shadow Floor

If you move, you will receive heavy damage over time effect that will slow your movement speed. Simply remain still. You can continue to attack and cast, but not move. This will often be followed up by something that you need to get out of quickly, so the movement speed reduction coupled with the DoT will frequently be lethal.


Shifting Floor

If you are within this AoE, you will be forcibly moved in the direction of the arrow.



Whatever is marked with these arrows will begin rotating in the direction displayed (Often firing off an AoE as it goes)


Spinning Finger

While this is over your head, you will move in the direction it points if you attempt to move. It will remain locked while you are moving, but begin to spin again when you stop.



Puddles come in a lot of types: Poison, Gravity, Frost, Fire, and Sludge for example. Most of these will put some kind of DoT effect on you and/or slow your movement speed. Please note, there are some beneficial puddle effects such as a Ninja's Doton.