Final Fantasy XIV Update 4.35 Patch Notes Have Arrived

Game: Final Fantasy XIV
Time: 2018-07-06 09:03:39
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Final Fantasy XIV Patch 4.35 has arrived, which includes Heaven-on-High, Even Further Hildibrand Adventures, and more. Let's dive into this content! Additionally, enough Final fantasy xiv gil is needed in the game since it can make your game life easier.
1) New Content
Final Fantasy XIV
Two new Hildibrand quests have been added
Deep dungeon Heaven-on-High has been added to the game (100 floors)
Two Heaven-on-High quests have been added to the game
New furniture has been added to the game
New orchestrion rolls have been added
New Triple Triad cards
Adjustments have been made to the panpipe sounds
New emotes
One of the final designs for the Hairstyle Design Contest has been added
Magicite Heaven-on-High items have been added to the game
Empyrean Aetherpool Weapons can now be acquired and used in the main game
2) More Changes
Final Fantasy XIV
Positioning of objects have changed in the Crystal Tower Training Grounds
Matching algorithms have been changed in the Feast
Losing now reduces PvP rating by a smaller amount in ranked
New mounts
New items
New crafting recipes
New minions
New achievements and titles
A warning will now appear when donating to Doman Enclave if you have exceeded the weekly budget
Dialogue has been adjusted for some NPC's in the Doman Enclave
A separate window will now appear when using "search for item"
New phrases have been added to the auto-translation dictionary
3) Resolved Issues
A problem inside the Ridorana Lighthouse wherein players might be affected by Temporal Displacement status impact straight away after becoming revived when battling Belias.
An issue in the Weapon's Refrain (Ultimate) wherein Titan would quit casting Granite Influence beneath certain circumstances.
A problem within the Weapon's Refrain (Ultimate) wherein the Fetters status couldn't be removed under particular circumstances when battling Titan.
A problem wherein the reward mount in the Feast Season Seven's movement sort was "terrestrial."
An issue in the Doman Enclave wherein some NPCs have been displayed incorrectly.
An issue in Doman Enclave cutscenes wherein some NPCs have been displayed incorrectly.
A problem wherein Functionality mode may very well be ended by the actions of other players.
An issue in housing wherein, beneath certain circumstances, moving an aquarium would cause it to be placed without direct input from the player.
A problem wherein putting a tabletop aquarium on major of an additional furnishing and then repositioning that furnishing permitted the aquarium to clip by means of other aquariums.
You can check out the official website for more details on 4.35 Patch Notes.