Final Fantasy XIV: Viera May Be Added As A New Race

Game: Final Fantasy XIV
Time: 2018-11-17 17:22:41
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Sometimes you may often notice what shirt FFXIV producer Naoki Yoshida is wearing if you have ever watched a Final Fantasy XIV livestream because which hints at a new job, and this time it seems to become hinting at Viera getting added as a brand new race.




Shadowbringers was confirmed as the next expansion for FFXIV together with a myriad of new information. Notably, it was confirmed that there could be a brand new race added into the game, but Yoshida was not prepared to confirm what it is just, however.


That statement was created in jest although mainly because not lengthy following he said that, Yoshida turned around plus the camera panned in to show off the back of his t-shirt which showed Bugs Bunny to a roar in the crowd.



Any person acquainted with the Ivalice games within the series knows which will only imply a single factor: Vieras are coming to Final Fantasy XIV.


In case that wasn't enough of confirmation for you, he mentioned that a different large hint could possibly be dropped through the final a part of the Return to Ivalice alliance raid, which certainly strengthens the connection to the Viera.


Viera has been arguably probably the most requested race ever since fans realized that Yoshida was prepared to add new races into the game. The development group 1st wanted to try their hand of making their very own concept exceptional to Final Fantasy XIV. That turned out to become the demon-like Au-Ra. Now it appears the Viera will ultimately have their moment at the same time.


On the other hand, Yoshida also talked about that this might be the final race that they add to FFXIV. He commented that it was plenty of operate and is difficult to do.


Take that using a grain of salt although. Yoshida also stated within the past that they most likely weren’t ever going to try adding a brand new job mid-expansion, and we saw how that turned out today, FFXIV is Adding Blue Mage for Patch 4.5 As a "Limited Job".