Final Fantasy XV Demo Receive 90% Reputation

Game: Final Fantasy XIV
Time: 2016-08-30 08:37:49
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Final Fantasy XV is scheduled to be November 29 worldwide simultaneous release, landing PS4 and Xbox One.


Recently, Final Fantasy XV director in an interview revealed more details about the game. He said, "Final Fantasy XV a total of 15 chapters, divided into two parts before and after the first part of which is an open world, leaving players to explore, but the latter part of freedom will decline, but also began to focus on the game Narrative.

Final Fantasy XV architecture is a very big game works, when the total length of the game in 40-50 hours.

On this game show in Cologne, Final Fantasy XV had been disclosed in the booth demo game, and for the demo players to do a survey. In a live event held in Tokyo today, Tabata, director of Final Fantasy XV side disclosed the results of this survey.

At the end of the demo, the system will prompt the player feedback on their feelings, players can accumulate from praise, neutral, negative feedback, select an option to enter the tablet.

The results released today showed that 90% of the players chose to praise, neutral and negative feedback of the players only 8% and 2%. For this result, Tabata end represents allow so many players enjoy the game demo is a "glory." There are so many players after the trial did not hesitate to put a finger toward the smiling face, it seems that Final Fantasy XV quality is still quite strong.

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