Final Fantaxy XIV White Mage Spells Guide

Game: Final Fantasy XIV
Time: 2016-01-14 12:59:45
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Hey,Everyone ! If you’ve taken interest in the White Mage class but still aren’t sold on the idea of becoming the party’s healer – then perhaps this overview of White Mage spells might convince you. This section will separate every spell that a White Mage gets, and consign their effectiveness based on group utility. While each spell has its use, this ought to offer you some assistance with deciding how and when to use a skill. To start, we’ll concentrate just on the healing arsenal of this class, then move to buffs, then discuss DPS skills. A short time later, we will touch on the options for cross-class abilities, and choose which are best for White Mages in a party.

Utility: 5 / 5
Instead of stocking up on meds when you buy FFXIV Gil, having a healer on the team helps save more than just cheap FFXIV Gil. The Freecure trait which has a 15% chance to proc upon cast of Cure. Freecure makes Cure II cost 0 MP, so FFXIV Gil hunters may will want to focus on this weaker heal when possible.

Utility: Before Freecure 3/5 ; After Freecure, 5/5
At double the MP cost of Cure, Cure II provides just under double the healing potency. This makes it less MP efficient to chain cast in a group, but Freecure makes it shine by providing a massive heal for free. Furthermore, at level 44 it can begin to activate Overcure, which causes the next Cure III to be a guaranteed critical heal.

Utility: Before Overcure, 2 / 5 ; After Overcure, 3 / 5
Cure III might confound players at first look: at twofold the expense of Cure II, it gives less recuperating potency rather than more. A more profound look will uncover that Cure III is an AoE heal. In any case, it has a few disadvantages. It has an especially short range from the target for others to be healed, and chain-casting it will run your MP dry rapidly. You might have to invest Final Fantasy XIV Gil on MP restoration items – but that would defeat the purpose. On a few battles, it can prove to be powerful if optimized with Overcure, especially if the caster self-heals while standing on top of other party members. Cure III should be used sparingly, both because of the expense, and the increased risks it will cause.