Grasping the skills and leveling 50 and above in ffxiv

Game: Final Fantasy XIV
Time: 2013-10-18 09:16:54
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Do you admire the game masters ? Do you want to be admired by others ? Maybe you can use the ffxiv power leveling to level up,but is none of your business.Read these skills quickly!

This passage is to talk about the end-game activities in FFXIV and give you some skills to keep you on the right track. It will update and change the lifespan of the game in order to keep current and remove activities which are no longer considered end-game.


End-game is all about challenging harder and harder content and having fun while doing so. As you complete content you will gain better gear, which can be used to challenge even harder content. The gear rewards you for taking on the challenges and gives you the feeling of getting stronger as you beat higher challenges.

Please note that a bit .End game in FFXIV begins at level 50. Upon reaching this level you should prepare for end-game by first completing your level 50 job quest to gain your final piece of AF armour. You should then complete the main scenario.

Now I have given you job skills and a basic set of equipment to begin end game with. You may need to take a look at your accessories and get level 50 ones for any that aren't up to standard, and it is worth picking up your level 50 Grand Company weapon as it will be your best weapon at this point.