Guide To Choosing Which Job to Play in FFXIV: Heavensward

Game: Final Fantasy XIV
Time: 2015-07-07 05:49:54
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Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward just released a few weekes away. At this point the pressure is on to choose which of the now 13 jobs to main, and with more options than ever before that decision isn't easy.

In this guide you will find a concise overview of what each job is about, an image of their Tomestone of Law sets (level 60), as well as what's new with the existing jobs. Keep in mind that the new jobs (Astrologian, Dark Knight, and Machinist) require that you have a level 50 job, and each starts at level 30. Let's begin.

Role: Support
Weapon: Star Globe
What makes it unique: The Astrologian is able to select randomly from a deck of six cards, each with a buff that can be used on the Astrologian or a comrade. These buffs are potent, requiring knowledge and quick decision making skills from the player. In addition, the job can switch between two stances when out of combat, allowing it to perform as a direct healer like the White Mage, or a preventive healer like the Scholar.

You should play this job if: ?You enjoy playing as Support, but want a thick layer of tactical gameplay to make healing as interesting and challenging as possible.

Role: Ranged DPS
Weapon: Bow
What makes it unique: The Bard is the most mobile damage dealer in the game, capable of punishing foes with an array of ranged attacks while on the move. It is also capable of playing songs to buff teammates nearby, making it a vital component of any serious party.

Major Heavensward additions: Although I state that the Bard is the most mobile damage dealer in the game, in Heavensward it will be receiving a new option for dealing damage when standing still. It comes in the form of The Wanderer's Minuet, a song that disables auto-attacks and gives abilities cast times to deal more damage. This option allows Bards to be mobile, while being more able to compete with the damage per second (DPS) of other jobs in situations where mobility isn't needed. It's also having its Limit Break changed from Healing to DPS.

You should play this job if: You like to deal damage while providing irreplaceable utility to your groups.

Black Mage
Role: Ranged DPS
Weapon: Rod
What makes it unique: The Black Mage is the heavy-hitting magic user of the game. It cycles through a rotation of thunder, ice, and fire based spells that slow enemies and deliver huge burst damage. It is the best job at delivering area of effect (AoE) damage, making it a critical component of any party that wants to clear groups of enemies quickly.

Major Heavensward additions: Fire IV and Blizzard IV are being added to the game, providing Black Mage with even more burst potential. They will require Enochian to use. It's also getting an option to place a mark on the ground called Ley Lines that, when stood in, significantly increases damage output. This makes it a very immobile, turret-style ranged DPS.

You should play this job if: You like flashy, big-hitting magic attacks.

Dark Knight
Role: Tank
Weapon: Great Sword
What makes it unique: The Dark Knight uses MP to sustain itself and deal damage to acquire and hold the attention of foes. The class has to balance the usage of MP, which is drained when using its damage increasing Darkside ability, and is able to regenerate a small amount of health. It also has an option to become a zombie on death, and if healed to 100% health in this form the Dark Knight will come back to life.

You should play this job if: You enjoy using dark magic, and enjoy a challenge when tanking.

Role: Melee DPS
Weapon: Lance
What makes it unique: The Dragoon is the slow but hard hitting melee DPS of the game. It is also able to pounce on enemies using Jump.

Major Heavensward additions: Coming in Heavensward are two new fourth-level combo attacks for the Dragoon titled Dragon Claw and Tail Swing. These will be unlocked by using Blood of the Dragon, which will also improve Jump damage. It will also be receiving some much-needed party utility in the form of Battle Litany, a party-wide buff that increases critical hit rate.

You should play this job if: You enjoy dealing melee damage with slow, heavy-hitting attacks.

Role: Ranged DPS
Weapon: Gun
What makes it unique: The Machinist is able to alter its weapon mid-combat using attachments. For example, it can equip a Gauss Barrel to boost damage, but increase charge time of its attacks. It can also deploy turrets that can't move and provide damage assist. Lastly, it uses an Ammunition mechanic to perform attacks.

You should play this job if: You like to be a strategic damage dealer who controls the battlefield.

Role: Melee DPS
Weapon: Fists
What makes it unique: The Monk has three stances that each unlock their own abilities. This job alternates between the different stances as he or she punches the tar out of enemies with methodical and fast-paced actions.

Major Heavensward additions: An all-new Chakra system will be added to the Monk. You can gain up to five stacks and then use them to deliver the heavily damaging Forbidden Chakra. The Monk will also receive a new AoE skill called Elixir Drive, a ranged attack, and a way to quickly Change Form without the use of attacks.

You should play this job if: You like punching things.

Role: Melee DPS
Weapon: Daggers
What makes it unique: The Ninja is equipped with Mudras, an interesting mechanic where you enter combos every 20 seconds in order to buff yourself and use attacks. It is also the most mobile of any melee job.

Major Heavensward additions: A new skill will extend Huton duration, allowing you to use offensive Mudras (Suiton and Raiton) more often. You will also have two new options for controlling enmity on yourself and others in battle using Crossed Shadow and Smoke Ball.

You should play this job if: You enjoy attacking enemies quickly while fast on your feet.

Role: Tank
Weapon: Sword and Shield
What makes it unique: The Paladin is a very resilient job capable of living through massive damage using an array of defensive abilities.

Major Heavensward additions: Two new combo finishers are being added called Royal Authority and Gore Blade. You will also use your MP to heal yourself and party members, making room for reason to recover MP using Riot Blade and the all-new Sheltron, an ability that allows you to block an attack.

You should play this job if: You prefer to attract the attention of foes and lead the group versus following and dealing damage.

Role: Support
Weapon: Grimoire
What makes it unique: The Scholar is the shield-based healer of the group. It is capable of keeping teammates alive with not only its own heals, but those of its pet fairy. Its heals add a shield that can soak future damage.

Major Heavensward additions: Indomitability will allow Scholars to use Aetherflow for AoE healing purposes. Meanwhile, Dissipation will allow you to sacrifice your pet for a significant increase in your personal healing during tough situations.

You should play this job if: You enjoy playing a preventive healer.

Role: Ranged DPS
Weapon: Grimoire
What makes it unique: The Summoner is damage over time (DoT) based, requiring great timing to keep abilities layered on foes. It has flexibility with several summon options that can provide ranged damage support (Garuda), or even tank (Titan) in solo situations.

Major Heavensward additions: The new Tri-disaster will allow you expend 1 Aetherflow to throw all your dots on an enemy, making initiation easier. You will now be able to enter Dreadwyrm Trance to gain access to a powerful Akh Morn attack that is reminiscent of classic Final Fantasy Summoners.

You should play this job if: You like playing a damage over time class with a pet.

Role: Tank
Weapon: Great Axe
What makes it unique: The Warrior is great at gaining the attention of groups of enemies. It is capable of dealing good damage despite being a tank, becoming a threat to those that face it.

Major Heavensward additions: A new DPS stance called Deliverance will allow you to punish enemies in situations where damage mitigation isn't a priority. New damage mitigation and self-healing options will improve your survivability.

You should play this job if: You like playing as a tank, but don't want to have to struggle with gaining AoE threat.

White Mage
Role: Support
Weapon: Staff
What makes it unique: The White Mage is the best direct healer in the game. Equipped with powerful heals, it is the backbone of any successful group.

Major Heavensward additions: Asylum and Assize will provide better means for healing groups of teammates. Tetragrammaton will improve your burst healing capabilities. Also, you'll have more offensive options through Stone III and Aero III.

You should play this job if: You enjoy direct healing.