Guides to Make Much FFXIV Gil for Final Fantasy XIV Newbie

Game: Final Fantasy XIV
Time: 2014-11-07 11:17:24
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Players in Final Fantasy XIV have to use FFXIV Gil to buy anything they need in the game, just like we have to use money to buy foods, clothes and various kinds of services in real world. So whether players are “wealthy” effects the experience in the game, players all want to make more FFXIV Gil, but for new players making large quantity of FFXIV Gil is not very easy, here we summarized a useful guide to make large quantity of FFXIV Gil for new players, it may be helpful for new players in Final Fantasy XIV.


The core of this approach is the brush Sarah. With a production of about 15 professional , lz using a 20 tailors , before his practice , the use of brush cotton brush approach , other production occupations can also be changed according to the actual situation. Equipment , and only weapon , deputies , clothes, pants , wear manufacturing system , a clothes weapon deputies, the 1000 can handle that , once made 99 cotton , according to 20 / sprang auction OK to sell back to the point cost, you can continue to make cotton brush, whatever you this time , about 15 to 20 minutes , you just see a cartoon come back.

Refining not full 100 degrees short of a few words on the combined times. Such a loss of about 6,0000 FFXIV Gil, but in exchange for eight refineries degrees to 100% of the equipment , all of decomposition, the collection system to the two beads can back this up , but the manufacturing department beads can sell about 30000 FFXIV Gil , if not particularly luck the difference between the all-out CP and GP, certainly can’t lose , but also incidentally practiced production skills.