Here Are Some FFXIV Materia Tips for Beginners

Game: Final Fantasy XIV
Time: 2018-12-04 17:44:09
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In Final Fantasy XIV, Materia may be used to improve your gear. You'll be able to affix materia into a piece of one's armor with socket(s) to enhance its attributes. Players can acquire materia by converting a piece of your gear that is certainly 100% Spiritbond to you. Following are some FFXIV materia tips for beginners. There is no special sequence, so please forgive me if there is a duplication.


Final Fantasy XIV Materia


Unless you are at endgame (lv70), materia isn't super useful to you outdoors of promoting it to vendors or other players. As you're leveling, just acquiring gear suited to your level is more than excellent sufficient to acquire you through all the things relevant to you. When your gear becomes level sync'd for any duty (trial/dungeon/story instance), materia loses its effect for the duration you are sync'd anyway. To not mention the speedy price at which you (ought to) upgrade your leveling gear tends to make it significantly less worthwhile to meld materia to it.


At endgame, after you acquire gear with item levels rivaling that in the most recent crafted gear sets, then you should think about melding materia. Distinct jobs favor diverse kinds of materia for the most effective DPS output, and there exist sets of gear + materia melds that the math wizards have calculated to be "BiS" or "Best in Slot" - essentially the most optimized pieces/sets of gear for each job. Getting a gander at an endgame guide for your job must inform you no less than the job's preferred priority for materia melding; just go with that, or even Vitality (HP), till BiS becomes something extra realizable for you (it is only super relevant for Savage raids along with the like).


To add to this, low level materia is dirt low-priced. The low initial investment, and also you make your income back when you happen to be performed with it. That is added DPS at no cost. It is not a ton of DPS, but I'm confident it adds up after you consider the total time spent leveling.


I usually meld my gear while leveling for all those reasons. Plus I like epeening to myself when I am carrying out more than half the party's DPS in a random tam-tara run or whatever the leveling roulette traps me in.


Couple blanket guidelines:


1. don't forget that primary stats Often be capped on everything but tanks, so even though yes int IS super essential to a black mage, you prolly can't meld int anywhere. if you're a tank on the other hand, check to determine in case your gear has room for strength, it generally will. (squeenix treats VIT as tanks major stat, but all their dmg keys off STR)


2. immediately after your key stat (which as discussed will typically come pre-capped) you most effective "substat" is usually crit or DH. there is many nuance for the particulars varying by job, pre-existing stats, even party composition; but normally crit and direct hit trade back and forth for "best" and "second best".


3. materia may be recycled. you may pull it back out and use it once again. higher tier materia CAN fail at this but at t5 your likelihood of success is 80%, T4 will reclaim assured. it is possible to re-use the identical batch of T4 materias more than and more than forever for nearly totally free. do so. it could not look like much but you have got 18 slots, it adds up.