Housing Costs Are Shockingly Higher in Final Fantasy XIV

Game: Final Fantasy XIV
Time: 2018-08-18 10:23:31
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In Final Fantasy XIV, whenever a brand new housing patch drops, there's constantly a mad rush to claim property and plots of land. In that final patch, players had taken to building various characters to game the system and grab more plots than they must have.



Even when you're early or lucky enough to locate a cost-free plot, there's also the matter of in fact obtaining the land together with your hard-earned Gil. If you are prepared to settle for just an apartment, you will only need to spend half a million Gil, furnishing expenses not integrated. But if you are wanting to get larger homes or mansions, the price can go up to as high as 50 million Gil, which is pretty much out of your spending budget for any casual player. And you know what's even crazier? In case you convert Eorzea's Gil into real-world currencies and take into consideration the supply and demand for housing within the game, you'll discover that the genuine globe expenses of Eorzea housing might be astronomical at the same time.


Now let's speak about some Final Fantasy XIV housing prices. Unlike buy Ffxiv gil, similar to what the creators did with Skyrim, in addition, they had to determine a conversion price before they could uncover the real planet worth of these ridiculous mansions.




Conveniently, there are actually a lot of things you are able to invest in FFXIV that you can also obtain in our globe. Mineral water, eggplants, and monkfish becoming just several examples. Applying these similarities, we compared the prices of many various food products and took a typical across all items to arrive at our conversion rate.


What became clear through these calculations was that the price of food things was largely related to what it would expense to get them into our universe. Mineral water may be purchased for 1 Gil, and we located that the typical equivalent expense was £1.ten at the time of the study. Buffalo Sirloin expenses 6 Gil in FFIV and roughly £7.50 from a UK retailer.


Even so, the important difference between our world and Eorzea lies in the expenses from the properties themselves. House in FFXIV is really high priced - particularly the price of plots (which variety from fifth to first-class).


Not only that, demand for housing in Final Fantasy XIV is incredibly high, which will inevitably drive the rates up. So let's discuss the apartments initially, which are the cheapest kind of housing you could get within the game at the moment. The conversion price they came up with was that 1 Gil would be converted to about $1.93 USD, which implies that a tiny 500,000 Gil apartment would expense $965,901. Imagine that. And on the other end of your spectrum, a large plot of land would price about $80 million, and that is not even counting the furnishing expenses just but.


With FFXIV's most up-to-date episode in housing drama, where players are seeing their homes get demolished even when they've stepped in throughout the grace period, it looks like much more land plots might be made obtainable for purchase. Nonetheless, together with the overwhelming demand for housing, it's extremely unlikely that the apartment and land prices will ever see a substantial drop. But it's nevertheless fascinating to entertain the thought of potentially paying astronomical amounts of real-world dollars for virtual housing.