How did u get gil

Game: Final Fantasy XIV
Time: 2013-12-02 13:32:53
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I have used to be a livechat server a few monthes ago , i came across many buyer for ffxiv gil everyday , we all know that ffxiv is a classic online game, which has 3 servers eu server us server and japan server .so different buyers quested for different server of we need keep all the servers to make sure we have enough stock for buyers .when the game first listed on our site to sell . As it cheap price it attracted a lot of game buyers here.



But after a bug on the game , the buyers for gil become less and less .what i am wondering is that, we can see there are still a lot of players in game but if they didn't buy the gil online , how do u make diles ?
As the title say i have noticed that mobs don't drop gil , some player get gil from quest but that be finite on first-second class.So other than crafting /sellong , how you friends farm them ?
also how much gil consirdered a lot ? Usually in MMOs u start with very little gold and once at max level , the gold s u have sky-recketing. i once got that in order to create a free company u need 15000gil, are these considerd a lot ? or once u go levl 50. 1 5.000gil is almost nothing ?

What do u think is the best way to get final fantasy gil ? it is highly doubt anyone is level 50 yet . why u don't buy it from ffxiv4gil :D . it is the best and most easy way to get gil , it won't need u at high level and it won't need u spend much time on farming the gil . what u need is place order then get dil . the ffxiv4gil is aim tomake player play the game happy and save more  money .^-^