How Do I Play Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood

Game: Final Fantasy XIV
Time: 2017-06-29 15:40:37
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First you need at level 30 and big company. Once you reach level 30, you should have a task called "no doll". This will be sent to the wolves, which is the main PvP center of the game. You can reach the ferry at the Mor La Pier (Lower La Noscea). Once you reach 50, you can unlock Frontline by accepting the tasks of big companies like "men and women of civilization". All modes can be found in the Duty Finder in PvP, once unlocked.



It is important to understand that everything in PvP is different. Stormblood separates PvE and PvP job operations, so once you enter wolves or any PvP map, you will have limited and pre-selected job operations for your work (as well as special dedicated PvP). It is a good idea to go to the wolves and be familiar with your ability to train virtual people. If you open your PvP profile under the Character menu, you can also select two role operations and three features. This is the only game customization available in PvP. In addition to the choices made here, all players have a firm foothold. Your statistics in PvP are entirely up to you, and the players are scaled to 70.




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