How many professions in FFXIV

Game: Final Fantasy XIV
Time: 2013-09-13 02:58:39
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These starting zones will be your home for your first 15 levels of play and are designed to teach you the basic mechanics of the game. Your Main Scenario starts here and will lead you right through to End Game, however it is important to note that if you intend to take on a Job, you won’t have the benefit of having your Main Scenarios to guide you through your alternative classes. We call ffxiv currency ffxiv gil, now you can buy it on our website and get it in few minutes.
Grand Companies – Grand companies are factions associated with the 3 different starting areas. There are 3 Grand Companies one for each starting area. Later in the game you can join one of the Grand Companies and earn points (seals) to buy unique items from your Grand Company.

Grinding – Grinding is where you repetitive killing of mobs, gather materials or craft items.
Guildhest – Guildhests are group quests that players can complete for xp. They usually consist of mini dungeons or boss fights.
Hunting Logs – A log obtained after your first level 5 class quest requiring you to kill a certain number of particular types of monsters. Completing an entry grants bonus experience points.
When you hit level 15, so long as you have kept up with your campaigns, the real journey begins and you will have the chance to travel to the other three continents and finally, group up to do Dungeons with other players. If you can’t level to 15 in few hours, you can buy ffxiv powerleveling service from our website. Here is a discount coupon code for all buyers: ff14