How to brand new way to farm Final Fantasy XIV gil

Game: Final Fantasy XIV
Time: 2014-04-01 02:08:48
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Why so much Gil sellers exist? Because players can not get enough easy FFXIV:ARR gil in the shortest time. And they always need these ffxiv gil in the hurry to buy mount, items or powerful weapons. If players can not have enough Final Fantasy XIV gil, then they will loose these items. That’s why the RMT has the market in this virtual business. But these days, almost every in-game service website are lack of cheap FFXIV Gil stock.


Besides buying ffxiv gil from sellers, they are also some Final Fantasy XIV gil making guide for you to consider. Gil for final fantasy xiv is very important. Players need it to do lots of functions in the game such as repairing their equipment or teleporting to new camps. Without gil, players would be unable to progress through the game. Unfortunately, there are very few ways to make gil right now in FFXIV.

We suggest you a way to make FFXIV gil. The new gil making guide provides players with four different methods. It particularly focuses on Discipline of War and Discipline of Magic jobs, as these are the classes which can defeat enemy combatants. By tracking the items dropped over 15 minutes against the value of those items, four areas in the game were evaluated and compared in efficacy. The most profitable way of making gil in FFXIV according to Potash. This is done by running end-game dungeons and using the currency rewards on Potash. Potash can then be sold on the market boards to bring in large profits for the player. This reagent is particularly valuable because there is no other way to get it and it is used in a variety of end-game crafting recipes.