How to choose a trustworthy site to buy cheap ffxiv gil for Black Friday

Game: Final Fantasy XIV
Time: 2015-11-27 13:21:08
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Selling FFXIV Gil sites are everywhere. Not only through these sites but also through spam in-game, it is easy to find that there are quite a lot of FF14 Gil sellers. How to choose a trustworthy site is an important question for almost all buyers. Because the worst situation is that account may be banned by SE after buying FFXIV Gil. But don’t worry, buying FFXIV Gil at Ffxiv4gil can avoid getting banned.

Different from other MMOs, FFXIV Gil dropped in FFXIV is very little. And it is worthless if you sell materials and gears to vendors. Farming gil is a boring job, and it requires players to take long time to do one thing again and again. But in fact, you only need to pay a few of dollars then you will get the gil which you may need to farm for weeks even months.
Buying Final Fantasy XIV Gil can help players play smoothly. Especially, some of players don’t have enough time to play during daytime and they couldn’t play too late at night. It is good for them to enjoy game in their favourite items instead of farming gil again and again. Most of these choose to buy FF14 Gil. What do players worry about during buying FFXIV Gil? It must be the safety of their accounts. If buying gil could cause accounts banned, everything will be destroyed. We can promise you that none of FFXIV Gil and FFXIV Power Leveling buyers gets banned at Ffxiv4gil. This is the largest reason why so many Final Fantasy XIV players choose to buy FF14 Gil at Ffxiv4gil.
As most FFXIV players know, Ffxiv4gil is the largest FFXIV and FFXIV Power Leveling seller who sells FF14 Gil and FF14 Powerleveling for 5 years from FFXIV Ver.1.0. It is famous for the safest fastest delivery and the best service. We can honestly tell you that every transaction at Ffxiv4gil is safe enough without any risks.

Firstly, FFXIV is not the first MMORPG for SE. For the players who played FFXI, they may know that SE is irregularly keeping ban of gil famers. It is safe enough for players to buy. Because SE almost never bans gil buyers unless they talk about it openly or your delivery is unnormal from others’. If you choose Ffxiv4gil, you don’t need to worry this. Our accounts which deliver to our customers are with normal character names and level. We look like usual players not gil sellers. Unless you talk about buying gil in open area. What’s more, all workers at Ffxiv4gil are not only sellers but also players, we could understand how important the safety of accounts is. And we will never reveal customers’ message to anyone else.

Ffxiv4gil is the safest choice for all FF14 Gil buyers. And we are still trying our best to meet all customers’ requirements. Choosing Ffxiv4gil means choosing the best service, the safest gil and a group of friends in-game.