How to Craft An Airship

Game: Final Fantasy XIV
Time: 2016-03-05 18:41:11
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We all understand that the airship is designed to undertake some explorations of uncharted lands in The Sea of Clouds. So it is very important for us to know some basic information about it in FFXIV. Want to know more about the FFXIV Airship? Then something here may help you:


When you building airship in FFXIV, you need not consider too much about materials. Never always try to use materials. Keep in mind it won't effect the quality rating for each phase to use HQ materials. The only you can get is the experience bonus. And you need a workshop in your FC so that you can get a high lever craft. We know we will have four different airship parts and each part will have 3 phases. So you need 4 crafts with high enough level so that you can complete the various jobs. If you need some FFXIV gil, pay attention to our website. Every time you hand in a stack of items, you will get a chance to increase your quality, so that you can get a great and outstanding progress. During this process, you needn't to turn in quite many items for FFXIV. Your quality gains will be higher but that just seems to be offsetting the fact that you have fewer hand-ins during that phase. In addition, have you upgrade your Aftcastle? It is important to upgrade aftcastle for airship. Upgrading the aftcastle can improve retrieval, and this means your rating will be improved. It is an experience boost. At the same time, you need visit as many sectors as you can.The flight time from visiting sectors individually is much longer than including multiple sectors. Reading your map when you pick sectors in your journey and try to advance to sectors nearly. At last, you need ready for the enough materials, such as 18 yew lumber and mahogany lumber, 9 iron nails and so on. Some cheap FFXIV gil will help you a lot. Good luck.