How to craft and manager to make gil in FFXIV

Game: Final Fantasy XIV
Time: 2014-07-31 03:15:01
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People think crafting is the way to make money. And yes you can make money crafting, but not as much working a market. Think about it... do you want to spend 2 hours gathering a stack of ore and sell it for a few thousand gill?, Or do you want to spend 20 minutes researching prices, getting a stack for 2200, and throwing it on the market and hitting the sack till the morning, waking to thousands of Gil?


There are multiple ways I have been able to work the market already in this game. And I am going to give you some examples.

1. Capitalizing off peoples laziness - Learn where all the goods are sold in the game. at one point I was selling ingots I was buying for 9 gill each at the tradecraft vendor and selling them for 30 gill each. The counter was right next to the market board... When you get into niche vendors that sell weird items you can make a lot more.

2. Buying in bulk - you get stuff for cheaper normally in bulk. You could buy a stack of ingots at a price of 30 per item, and then piece them out for a hundred or more each. This especially works really well because a lot of the time all you can find is large stacks where you have to spend 10k but someone only needs one, or 10 pieces, so they will pay more so they don't have to spend as much.

3. Buying in bulk and crafting - if a high quality lumber sells for 500 gill, and you need 3 logs that cost 50 a piece, buy up the logs and craft 33 HQ lumber and sell them. Just be careful, because if you can't make them all high quality a regular lumber might only sell for 100 gill. So be certain.

4. Buying people out - If there's a large price jump this might be a viable option. Say 5 people are selling a item for 500 gill, 499, gill 350 gill, 349 gill, and 348 gill... but above them the next lowest is 700 gill for this specific item, buy them out and re-list them all for 700 gill. or 701 gill. You have to be careful with this though. If you buy 10 stacks of something most likely before they all sell you will be undercut a lot. So buy stuff that sells fast!

5. Know when to undercut the market, and when to not - You need to keep the prices high. if there are 25 players selling a item for 50 gill, then sell yours for 49. But if only one or two people are selling list yours at 50, or 1 below whatever is the next lowest price. You have to be patient. Your items will sell if they are priced reasonably and in demand.

6.Buy profitable items - Check the market boards and see how quickly a specific item is selling. If it is mid day and there are already a whole page of sales the same day then you can get fast turn-around.

7.Buy and Sell a variety of items - You're not going to get rich selling only one product because even though they may sell fast, a variety will sell faster. Try buying many different items, piecing them out, and slowly leaking them into the market. You want a steady inventory so when you are not able to play you can still log on for 5 minutes to list items on the market. You also don't want people to see you have 20 different listings for one item, because they will become curious and start trying to do the same thing. Try and be like a market ninja!

8.Keep Fighting! - While leveling up your hand classes cue up for raids. You get a break from tedious crafting, and have a chance to level your battleclass, and score some good gear to sell on the markets.

9.Don't be a hoarder - I know it's hard to let go... You accumulate items fast and you always have something you think you will use them for. But if it's not specific to your class, or something you use on a daily basis just market sell it. Managing inventory does take time so keeping things clean will save you lots of it. Also, don't be afraid to vendor trash all those cheap items you're never going to use. I held on to mole meat for 3 weeks before I decided I was never going to need it. Once it's gone you don't really miss it anyway

Well, that's all we can think of right now,Hopefully someone out there will benefit from this knowledge and use it in the future.