How To Do Better At PvP In Final Fantasy XIV

Game: Final Fantasy XIV
Time: 2017-07-01 13:19:26
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So now the most popular reward for PvP is a great source of experience. At present, the armory bonus to upgrade other work does not apply to PvP (we are not sure whether this is intended or negligent), so before the age of 60 death palace or dungeon may not be worth it, but from 60-70 it is the best experience Source one, like PotD, it does not care if you are a DPS class.



In addition to experience, you will receive Allegan Tomes and Wolf Marks. Allegan Tomes is a common terminal currency that can be used to buy a variety of PvE items from gears, pets, etc. The wolf tag will allow you to buy items from the wolves' PvP supplier. You can purchase items here simply for your charm, or from the ancient ARR and Heavensward packages, which also provide iLevel 205 statistics.


Feast there is also a season, each data center top players can get some very cool stuff, including special equipment.



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