How to earn ffxiv gil with the most profitable skills

Game: Final Fantasy XIV
Time: 2015-04-29 05:16:24
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In FFXIV – whether you’re on a Legacy server or not – gil is often hard to come by, and those who have it aren’t sharing their secrets on how to get it. I’ve never been one to want for much in MMOs and currently on Hyperion am sitting on around 8,000,000 gil. Yep – that’s right. 8 million. Actually to be exact – it’s 8.5, but still the point is – that’s a lot. I think it’s time to stop holding the secrets to gil making and share with you guys some very easy ways to make an incredibly large amount of gil in a short amount of time. With patience and dedication you could even start earning up to 400-500k PER DAY



I can’t stress the importance of this enough. Lots of people auto-synthesize loads and loads of things and put them up on the marketboards for around 100gil a pop, but with the right attitude and crafting rotation, you can easily HQ something like lumber, leather or ingots and really make bank. Here’s an example:

1).Iron ore from an NPC costs 18gil (free if you’re patient enough to gather it yourself)
2).It takes 3 iron ore and one ice shard to make an iron ore
3).So if we were going to make a stack of HQ ingot it would take us 297 iron ore and 99 ice shards which would equal to 5,346 gil.
4).On Hyperion – for example – HQ Iron Ingot sell for 350gil EACH. So for a stack you would make 34,650 gil.
5).This would make your profit out to be 29,304 gil


Farming items crucial to the crafters is a really good thing. Not just items they’ll grow out of, but items they’ll need for almost every recipe (or at least most recipes). This may take a bit of research for you, but I’ll break into a little bit of it here for you:

Iron Ore
Bomb Ash
Moko Grass
Cotton Boll
Diremite Web

3. Market board watching.
Basically, when you market board watch, you want to study the trends of the boards. Jot down the prices of the items you’re interested in selling each day to find out where the medium range price is. If anything drops below that price, buy it and resell it at a later date when the price is back to normal. While watching the market boards you’ll notice that the prices for items tend to be undercut by hasty and impatient sellers who want their things to sell right then – right there. Sure, buying these up might just be supporting their foolish actions, but reselling them at a lower price will really help line your own pockets with some easy gil.

While you’re watching the boards, be sure to take notice at what’s selling fast and what isn’t. There may be some items that are valued at quite a lot of gil – I see some going for 180k and up, but if they’re so high that no one will buy them – there’s really no point in pursuing those items. Just pay attention to what sells fast and if you get bored or decide you want to make a bit more ffxiv gil, you can feel free to go farm those items and sell them when the prices are just right.