How to Easier Make FFXIV Gil? Remember These 5 Tips

Game: Final Fantasy XIV
Time: 2019-03-27 08:32:41
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FFXIV Gil Making Guide


Final Fantasy XIV's competition is intense; if you want to gain an advantage in the game, you need the best equipment, potions and so on. With FFXIV Gil, you can buy equipment, food, potions, and you can also repair and enhance your equipment. However, how to fast make FFXIV gil makes folks headache.


It's not so complicated to easy make FFXIV gil, just read tips as follow:


1. Crafting: Disciples of Hand


There is no doubt that crafting is the most important because it provides participants who don't have time Disciples of Hand the equipment, materials, consumables, and furniture they would like. On regular days, your usual income is six digits; good, you hit play 7!


The most profitable are blacksmiths, goldsmiths, alchemists, and Culinarian in the crafting classes. However, your choice should not be based solely on what you think will bring you the most money. Instead, look for the one you like.


Although Disciples of Hand is an excellent way to get Gil, it is not the easiest. First, you need raw materials that you must collect or purchase. If you choose the former, you will need to attend gathering classes. For rare materials, you need a higher level of the above work. If this is too time-consuming or even daunting for you, then you better not do the latter. Remember, it won't be cheap.


2. Gathering: Disciples of Land


If you plan to participate in the crafting, these classes - botany, mining, and fishing - are essential. You can even forget to make and rely on Gil's Disciples of Land. You can earn a fair amount through gathering, especially if you prioritize the nodes of Tomes that cannot always be found or need to discover regional folklore.


Also, the gathering is cheaper than crafting because you only spend equipment and teleportation. Once you reach a higher level and are already in battle combat gear, you will pay the latter.


3. Roulettes, Hunts, and Primals


Roulettes is one of more conventional means to make Gil. With lots of them, you will either be making higher five digits or low six digits worth of Gil. And if you occur to be playing the class that's "In Need", you'll be finding the reward increase reasonably. You may also take part in hunts, exactly where you might have the chance to acquire a cracked cluster; EX primals, which have some superior drops; and beast quests.


4. Treasure Hunts


As a Disciple of Land, Lady Luck may help you to find treasure maps. These items guide the player to treasure hunt, PVE content, you must find a hidden treasure and fight the monsters in it. You will receive a lot of quality rewards if you succeed. Some can even be sold at low prices.


If you plan to do a treasure hunt regularly, be sure to get a treasure hunt that matches your current level. So if you have a cap, please get a map of Gazelleskin Treasures.


5. Going On Ventures


Finally, you can try Ventures. This sends your retainer on ventures at the cost of a Venture, where they'll return from having a reward if they're successful. Ventures might be obtained in the Grand Enterprise, or as a reward from Beast Tribes and Guildleves.


The reward your retainer will bring residence depends upon its class. You are able to assign it to any class you may have unlocked and possess the exact same levels as you've for them. However, the retainer's max level for classes you might have but to cap will probably be five levels reduce.