How to Farm Ffxiv Gil Fast and Safe

Game: Final Fantasy XIV
Time: 2016-06-28 16:32:00
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FFXIV GIL is the currency in Final Fantasy XIV. Just like every currency in every MMO, ffxiv gil is very important to players. here we will some easy tips to help you farm cheap ffxiv gil safe and fast!



Do quests
It is the easiest way to farm, but most of the players often ignore it. The side story quests not only reward you ffxiv gil, but also give you the opportunity to choose another item, Allagan Pieces, which can be exchanged for FF14 gil too. It can also help you to know more interesting stories about the NPCs.

Challenge Log
This method is for the ones who reach level 15. Do the quest Rising to the Challenge to unlock the Challenge Log, which will give you some challenges and if you complete them, you can get some monetary bonus as return. The Challenge Log reset per week, really is a perfect way to get FFXIV GIL.
The 2 methods have another advantage that we can upgrade other classes by the way.

It suits for the players who enjoy in crafting, because it is boring for the ones who don’t like crafting. On different servers, players need different items. If you want to farm ffxiv gil by this way, you should catch what the players in your server need, pay attention to the Market Board.

Comparing with crafting, I think gathering is a better way. It is steady and without risk, because it doesn’t need any cost. You can even farm ffxiv gil during upgrading your gathering classes. Almost all items are needed by different players, especially the HQ.

There is a special way to make ffxiv gil. It is called “Make Gil in FFXIV ARR Ridiculously Easy – EZ Gil with Any Class”. It is an interesting thinking. In simple words, you can buy items from NPCs in different places, then sell them on Market Board. Maybe it sounds funny, but it really works. This video shows this way, though it is a little old, it shows the main idea clearly.