How to farm Final Fantasy XIV Gil effectively

Game: Final Fantasy XIV
Time: 2013-08-10 09:33:19
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If you are an Final Fantasy XIV player and looking for a way to take your ffxiv online experience and enjoy more fun from the game, I am going to save you some time by introducing one way to make you enjoy more.
No matter whether you want to power level yourself to the next level with minimum time or want to become one of the most powerful and respected players on your server, you need to make sure you have millions of Final Fantasy XIV Gil in your pocket. You probably already knew that the game gold gil is the most important factor in your game play. And to make this dream come true which it is not too hard to realize, you must be in need of great help.

You could start making as much money so fast that your friend and enemies will get shocked. It is called 'Chapter of selling popular items'. Besides this one, the often used materials for consumbles also sells good in Trade Broker, you can easily pick up millions of money from that. There are many popular items in game but they are hard to acquire so the price of it is becoming higher and higher.
For example, Aether-type of items is still very popular under abyss in game. Moreover, it is so different from other guides. All gil farming guides aren't exactly the same. Some will address on instances, PvP and professions and many other tips. But this guide is focusing exclusively on farming ffxiv gil where reader can find nothing but the most useful ways to help them farm gil effectively.