How to Farm Fleece & Gridanian Walnuts in Final Fantasy XIV?

Game: Final Fantasy XIV
Time: 2022-06-13 03:11:52
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In Final Fantasy XIV, you'll need to plant some materials and ingredients manually, and you'll also need to grow a lot. This guide will show how to farm Fleece & Gridanian Walnuts in Final Fantasy XIV.

How to Farm Fleece in Final Fantasy XIV?

There are several primary ways to farm it in Final Fantasy XIV:


How to Farm Fleece & Gridanian Walnuts in Final Fantasy XIV?

1. Farm Karakuls for Fleece

The first and most straightforward means of farming Fleece in Final Fantasy XIV is hunting the flocks of wild Ornery Karakul outside the southern gate of Camp Dragonhead in Coerthas Central Highlands. This technique should net players several dozen bushels of Fleece if their drops are gifted with good RNG.

2. Levequests for Fleece

Another method of farming Fleece in FFXIV is completing the Level 45 Levequest, "Bundle Up, It's Odd out There." After receiving the quest from K'leytai in Mor Dhona, Weavers must deliver Woolen Deerstalkers to Saint Coinach's Find, with HQ turn-ins rewarding players with more Gil and XP. Each delivery will net players a guaranteed Fleece ×16, making this farming method much more reliable than hunting Ornery Karakul.

3. Gardening for Fleece

Players can be growing and exchanging Voidrake to get Fleece from gardening.

Voidrake Seeds are sold by NPCs called Resident Caretakers, who are found in housing districts. A single bag of Voidrake Seeds costs 300 Company Credits.

It takes 24 hours to grow Voidrake, and players will want to use Grade 3 Shroud Topsoil to increase their yields.

Once grown, players will want to seek out another vendor NPC in their housing district: the Material Supplier. They can exchange one Voidrake for five Fleece under the Curious Crop Exchange option.

4. Buy Fleece on Market Board

Fleece can be purchased from the player Market Board for an average price of 300 Final Fantasy 14 Gil each, equaling 29,700 Gil for ×99 packaged deals.

How to Farm Gridanian Walnuts in Final Fantasy XIV?

There are two primary methods of procuring this tree nut in Final Fantasy XIV:


Gridanian Walnuts

1. Buy Gridanian Walnuts on Market Board

The first and most convenient way is through the player-shared Market Board. Presently, Gridanian Walnuts sell on average between 146 to 321 Gil each, making them quite the inexpensive expenditure.

2. Obtaining the Gridanian Walnuts —  Logging

The second means of obtaining the Gridanian Walnuts — Logging. The logging points players are looking for are called "Mature Trees" and have a level of 25.

Players will be able to find the nut in South Shroud, within the wooded forest southwest of the Quarrymill Aetheryte. The Gridanian Walnut is a Level 21 resource produced by Level 25 Mature Trees around the coordinates X:23.9, Y:20.9. Any Gatherer higher than Level 25 should be able to harvest the nuts without any problems.

3. Getting Gridanian Walnuts With Retainers

Another way to get Gridanian walnuts is through retainers. This still requires the player to have picked up Botanist and have it at least at level 21. Once the retainer reaches level 21, they can be sent out on ventures specific to gathering Gridanian Walnuts. To unlock this venture, the player must harvest at least one Gridanian Walnut. Otherwise, the venture will not be available. This can be a way to get extra Gridanian Walnuts on top of collecting them as a Botanist.

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