How to get a larger number of gil for FFXIV patch 2.3

Game: Final Fantasy XIV
Time: 2014-08-21 03:39:41
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As a currency, ffxiv gil plays an important role for players to explore the game. Apart from gaining experience points for leveling, players can spend much time on gil for their characters. There are some ways to get gil for you in FF14: ARR 2.3.


Complete Quests
As we all know, you accept and complete quests to reward gil in A Realm Reborn. In Patch 2.3, there are more new quests for you to complete. The new main scenario quests and side story quests have been added. You can accept and complete those quests to earn gil.

Obtain Dungeon loot
To successfully challenging dungeon, you can be reward gil. There are some new dungeons in Patch 2.3, including The Stone Vigil (Hard), Hullbreaker Isle and The Tam-Tara Deepcroft (Hard). You can go to explore those dungeons with your groups and obtain a large number of gil as reward. Besides, Syrcus Tower can the supply resource for you to make gil.

Gain items
Of course, you can gain reward of items after you succeed to challenge the dungeons. Additionally, you can use Desynthesis ability to break down items you don’t use to gain materials. Then you can sell material to others or apply the materials to crafting items for sale. It lets you earn money for your character.

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There are some new side story quests 1).The Business of Betrothal 2).A Burst of Inspiration
3).Seeds of Rebellion.