How to get a lot of FFXIV money

Game: Final Fantasy XIV
Time: 2014-04-07 11:32:45
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Crafting can make you a lot of FFXIV money if you invest your time into it!That said, if you wanna stick with a battle class to make money, there are two things that stick out:


Kill things with valuable drops. Fleece, snurble tufts, crystals, and hippogryph/boar/raptor skin all sell for decent amounts and all of them drop from easily killable monsters. Snurble tufts seem to have the worst drop rate in my experience. On Behemoth, you can get a stack of fleece in a little under an hour if you can camp a spot. At 400 a piece, that's (lowballing)35k per hour after tax and repair fees.

Spiritbond! All equipment between level 45-50 are guaranteed to give level 3 materia. 3 runs of CM should bring any of these things to 100%. This can give you a lot of money if you're lucky enough to get something like quicktongue or savage might. Converting armor into materia has a higher gil potential, but is of course much less reliable. Edit: Just remembered, CM also gives you philo tomes, which you can "sell" for 25k/125tomes (rates may vary by server.) You could spiritbond in WP/AK/Prae as well, but I believe CM is the most efficient in terms of spiritbonding with a good group.