How to Get Berkanan & Hardened Sap in Final Fantasy XIV?

Game: Final Fantasy XIV
Time: 2022-05-12 09:37:14
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There is no shortage of new items and reagents in Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker. However, Berkanan & Hardened Sap are the two most valuable materials. You may be wondering where to find them. This guide will tell you what Berkanan & Hardened Sap are, where you can find them, and how to use them.

Final Fantasy XIV - Berkanan Sap


How to Get Berkanan & Hardened Sap in Final Fantasy XIV?


1. What's the Berkanan Sap?

Berkanan Sap is one of many new crafting ingredients in Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker, and is used in several Alchemy recipes.

2. How to Get the Berkanan Sap?

There are a handful of ways you can obtain Berkanan Sap in Endwalker:

1). Kill Berkanan

Berkanan Sap comes from an enemy of the same name, Berkanan, found in the fields of Labyrinthos after arriving in Old Sharlayan.

Berkanans can be found around the coordinates (X:6.8, Y:21.0), which is closest to the Aporia Aetheryte. The drop isn't guaranteed, but you can farm them this way.

2). Selling two Bicolor Gemstones

You can purchase it from the Gemstone Trader in Labyrinthos, in the Northern Empty region. Specifically, you'll need to trade two Bicolor Gemstones.

There are three Gemstone Traders in the game, located in the areas listed below:

    • Faezbroes – Labyrinthos, The Archeion (X:29.9, Y:12.9)
    • Gadfrid – Old Sharlayan, The Agora (X:12.8, Y:10.5)
    • Sajareen – Radz-at-Han, West Balshan (X:11.1, Y:10.2)

3). Completing Levequests

You can also acquire Berkanan Sap as a reward for completing Leve quests, specifically, Technically Still Magic and Mindful. Both are level 88, and you can talk to Ahldiyrn (X:12.3, Y:13.4) and take on the quests "Technically Still Magic" and "Mindful." Completing these will reward you with Berkanan Sap.

4). Buy Berkanan Sap off the Market Board

If all else fails and you've got deep pockets, you can buy Berkanan Sap off the Market Board. But you need to spend a lot of Final Fantasy 14 Gil.

3. How to Use the Berkanan Sap?

Berkanan Sap is an essential part of the Botanist's level 5 quest, 'Sap for Smiles,' but also has a variety of different uses within recipes. Below are all of the relevant recipes that rely on the sap:

    • Ascorbic Additive
    • Cunning Craftsman's Draught
    • Grade 5 Tincture of Dexterity
    • Grade 5 Tincture of Dexterity
    • Grade 5 Tincture of Intelligence
    • Grade 5 Tincture of Mind
    • Grade 5 Tincture of Strength
    • Grade 5 Tincture of Vitality
    • Rarefied Draught

Final Fantasy XIV - Hardened Sap


Hardened Sap


1. What's the Hardened Sap?

Hardened Sap is a Reagent in Final Fantasy XIV used for refining Lumber, namely Spruce, Cassia, and Cryptomeria.

2. How to Get the Hardened Sap?

Hardened Sap in Final Fantasy XIV can be procured primarily through three methods:

1). Buy It via the Market Board

You can purchase the Hardened Sap from other players via the Market Board. Most servers will typically have the resource up for sale between 510 - 599 Gil each. However, remember that nine clumps of Sap are needed for a single refinement of Lumber. Therefore, one could regard the cost as approximately 5,000 Gil for a single "complete" set of Hardened Sap. It's worth noting that you can get FFXIV Gil cheap through while enjoying excellent service.

2). Get It by trading Ixali Oaknot

Another way to get Hardened Sap in Final Fantasy XIV is by trading Ixali Oaknot ×1 with the Ixali Vendor in North Shroud at X:24.9, Y:22.7. However, this method would require you to unlock the Ixali Beast Tribe Quests and be good standing with the clan.

3). Get It through Company Seals

Thirdly, you can procure Hardened Sap through Company Seals after reaching the rank of Lieutenant in one's Grand Company. A single chunk of Sap costs Company Seals ×200, which would total 1,800 for a single refinement of Lumber.

3. How to Use the Hardened Sap?

Recipes using Hardened Sap:

    • Cassia Lumber
    • Cryptomeria Lumber
    • Treated Spruce Lumber

So that's where to find Berkanan & Hardened Sap in FFXIV Endwalker! Looking for more tips and tricks to help you conquer the Endwalker? For even more tips and walkthroughs, make sure to head to the news pages of