How to Get Dance Pole in Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker?

Game: Final Fantasy XIV
Time: 2022-01-07 10:05:45
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Final Fantasy XIV is in full new year swing with a new event, raid tier, and dance pole. Today, our topic is the dance pole that might be used for specific homes for those who enjoy dancing. Here's what you need to know about how to get the Dance Pole and what it is used for in Final Fantasy XIV:

How to Get Dance Pole in Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker?

To find the Dance Pole, you won't have to focus on more complex or time-consuming activities in Final Fantasy XIV. Instead, you'll be able to earn it by turning in your MGP at The Gold Saucer. You can compete in any party games at the location to earn MGP (in-game currency similar to FFXIV Gil).

To get the Dancing Pole, head to The Golden Saucer and speak to the Gold Saucer Attendant <Prize Claim>. They're located at X: 5.1, Y: 6.7, behind the main counter.

After talking to them, navigate to Prize Exchange II and then to the tab labeled Others. The Dancing Pole is a furnishing item with a blue icon. Alternatively, click the Recently Added button at the top of the list to find it quicker.

You only need 2,000 MGP to earn the Dance Pole. The dance pole is a housing item that can't be sold on the market board once purchased. It can be placed in your house but can't be interacted with. For those who want to be creative with the item to place it around their home, we recommend purchasing multiples of this item to add to your location, giving you enough to experiment and see how they fit into your home. It would have been nice if it could have been used some way, but more creative players will surely find emotes that work well with the dance pole.

Many players will probably pair their new dance pole with the newly added Hose of Happiness. These pants were just added as a craftable item for leatherworkers, and players have already noticed the body changes the pants have on the wearer. These pants tie into the new treasure maps added with this patch. Since to craft the pants, you will need the Cloth of Happiness which only drops from the new treasure maps.

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