How to get fast and smooth delivery when buying ffxiv gil at ffxiv4gil

Game: Final Fantasy XIV
Time: 2015-10-23 05:09:13
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How to get fast and smooth delivery when buying ffxiv gil from gold seller? As we all know that there are three main delivery methods of gil transaction. They are the delivery methods of Auction House, Mail, and Face to Face.

Why we recommend the method of Auction House?
Delivering gold via Auction House is safe and smooth
The way of Auction House is considered as the safest way of trading gold with ffxiv gil seller. Buyers can put up their item(s) on the Auction House before they place their order, the professional trade players will deliver their gold in the least time. If you purchase ffxiv gil at FFXIV4GIL, we concern more about your characters than our benefit, so we are very serious with the issue of safety of gold transaction. Click the article for more details “Why Choose Trading ffxiv gil via The Way of Auction House?”

However, there are still some other things that buyers should pay attention to. The issues of Deposit fee and “Time” setting are also the very crucial factors for getting gold delivery fast and smooth. Please read the following contents carefully.

1.We guarantee to compensate for the deposit fee if you set the time “48 hours” but we haven’t delivered gold in time. There are four options from the Auction House of setting “Time”, 6 Hours, 12 Hours, 24 Hours and 48 Hours. If purchasing gold with FFXIV4GIL, buyers should set the “Time” to the maximum of 48 Hours as sometimes there is occasionally no enough stock of gold in gold market, and please be aware that buyers can only get Deposit fee covered by FFXIV4GIL for choosing the time of 48 hours. See information in below table.

2.For the situation of that buyers who do not have enough gold in their account to pay 48 hours’ Deposit fee when buying gold at FFXIV4GIL. Buyers should firstly contact with our customer reps via Live-chat (24/7 Customer Support), then our reps will help you out with this matter.

3.For the buyers who do not want to set the “Time” 48 hours because of expensive deposit fee, here we would like to clarify that the deposit fee will be returned to you after your item is sold out via Auction House, you do not worry about it.

4.Moreover, if we have not enough ffxiv gil stock after you have placed your order and you would not like to wait anymore, we’ll make a refund to you and will issue the refund immediately.

Last but not the least, we also have compensation guarantee to our buyers. If the gold you ordering from us with the method of Auction House is unfortunately removed within 48 hours by Trion Worlds, we’ll deliver the loss amount to our buyers again after the verification. In addition, in order to avoid gold getting removed, we suggest that you’d better use the gold out as quickly as possible after receiving it.