How to get much more experience in ffxiv level 16 to level 20

Game: Final Fantasy XIV
Time: 2013-09-13 11:00:20
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In Final Fantasy XIV, you are also able to swap your class for an alt class or the secondary Class required to obtain a Job by going to the Class guild and starting their quest line. When you change your class, your level will reset back to 1 and you will have to level that class up to 15 to further progress on the Main Scenario.
You can however swap between the two classes any time you choose by changing your weapon and armor set. If you don’t have that much time to spend on game, you can buy ffxiv power leveling for your account on our website.

Tip: The first time you do any dungeon, you will need to speak to the NPC at the door of the dungeon to unlock it. After that you will be able to enter the dungeon via the duty finder. The Duty finder can be used either as a solo player or in a group.
Now this is where the fun begins. Your Main Scenario will lead you to your first 3 dungeons (click the links for walkthroughs); Satasha (lvl15), Tam Tara Deepcroft (lvl16) and Copperbell Mines (lvl17). They are relatively simple in their execution; though build in complexity as you go through each one
Note: You will want to do your Instances as close to the level requirement as possible for the first time as you will get chain bonuses (additional xp) for killing the mobs in them.
Hallelujah! No longer do you have to rely on basic grinding methods to lvl. These instances are repeatable, drop rates are pretty awesome and the xp is decent. However, make sure you don't forget to advance through your Main Scenario and Hunting Logs, some of which you'll be able to complete in the instances.